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March 19, 2015--Minutes

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Albion Middle School Community Council Meeting

March 19, 2015, 4:00, Albion Library

Attending: Mr. Jensen, Mr. Akana, Ms. Lynn, Ms. Timothy, Ms. Carlson, Ms. Bates, Jenifer Johnson, Lisa Anderson, Rene Hunter, Kristen Messenger, Richard Zito.

  • Minutes of the previous meeting reviewed and approved. Jordan Lynn made the motion and Jen Johnson seconded it.
  • Monica Carlson explained that the counselors have been teaching 7th graders the guidance curriculum.   College Spirit Day is tomorrow. The counselors are in the middle of next year’s registration—checking over the registration cards for errors. Albion’s current enrollment for next year is about 900.   2 interns are currently helping in the counseling center. Cathy Nelson will be back the beginning of May. Monica Carlson has been amazing keeping things going while Cathy is gone.
  • No Student SCC members were present to report.
  • Officers have been nominated for the new PTA Board. There has been more involvement this year in PTA. Volunteers helped with the musical and other activities. Mr. Jameson thanked the PTSA for being so proactive. They have done a great job this year!
    • District will provide links to explain words such “opportunities to respond” in the document
    • SET is School Evaluation Tool
    • For the Citizenship U-Knighted focus, there will be a “Team of the Tri” for the Team that has the highest academic achievement. At the present time about 30 students are not assigned specifically to one team because of their schedules.
    • This plan is much like last year’s plan. Some of the salaries, like Lego League, will not be paid until the end of the year
    • “Knight of the Day” is a daily recognition of students at Albion who are achieving in different ways
    • Some of the aides have been able to work more than 17 hours a week because of left-over funding from last year
    • Parents suggested that after-school tutoring or calling tutoring “Math Club” might improve attendance
    • Correction of using Land Trust funds for 2 library aides. Funding is for 1 library aide.
    • 6th grade math SAGE scores might be lower because of students adjusting to middle school, increased rigor in 6th grade math from elementary, and need to better align curriculum with the new math standards
    • Extra Land Trust money helps to upgrade and purchase technology. The school used technology, equipment, and Land Trust money as well as money donated by the PTA to upgrade computer labs last summer.
  • The Land Trust Plan and Report was approved by all 11 members of the SCC that were present. Jen Johnson made a motion to approve the Plan and Mindy Timothy seconded the motion.
  • Next meeting: April 16, 2015