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MATHCOUNTS Team Success!

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On January 19th, Canyons School District held its annual MATHCOUNTS district competition. This is Albion's second consecutive year with a MATHCOUNTS club, and this year our MATHCOUNTS Coach (Emalee Elkins) took 17 students ranging from 6th grade to 8th grade to the district competition.  The competition includes a Sprint Round (individual contest), Target Round (individual contest), Team Round (teams of 3-5 students), and a Countdown Round (top 15 students compete against each other). 

The four highest scoring students from our school in the district competition were:  Ashley Hill, Dallin Yauney, Aaron Hanson, and Haden Kunzler.

Ashley Hill was our highest scoring student, and she scored high enough to go into the Countdown Round, which includes the top 15 students from all of the middle schools in the Canyons District boundaries.  We congratulate and are so proud of her!

Our other amazing participants in the competition this year were:  Lakshmi Adiga, Spencer Jin, Arian Khadjenoury, Dua Khan, Ayden Krstich, Grace Leiran, Ezra Park, Cael Sipes, (Andrea) Gabriella Somma, Matthew Telling, Jeffery Watson, Lillian Watson, and Grace Wong.

Albion's top 4 students will go on to compete in the South Salt Lake MATHCOUNTS Competition on Saturday, February 4th. Wish us luck!