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Congratulations Debate Team!

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debate winners

Albion's Debate Team was incredibly successful at the October 26 tournament at Mount Jordan Middle School. Keep in mind, only the top 20% of the hundreds of competitors are awarded a trophy. 

Varsity Extemporaneous Speaking

  • FIRST PLACE- Taylor Navarro

Novice Extemporaneous Speaking

  • FIRST PLACE- Elizabeth Sheffield
  • 4th- Jon Hyde
  • 7th- Hanna Sasivarevic

Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Debate

  • 2nd- Fatima Zaidi
  • 2nd Place Speaker Award- Raunya Barakat
  • 3rd Place Speaker Award- Logan Rolfson

Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debate

  • FIRST PLACE- Kaden Burleigh
  • 2nd Place Speaker Award- Enri Bagdagulov
  • 3rd Place Speaker Award- Kai Campbell
  • 5th- Matthew Telling
  • 6th- Alyssa Gillan AND 5th Place Speaker Award
  • 8th- Connor Johns
  • 9th- Josh Pugh

Varsity Oratory Speaking

  • 2nd Place- Chaitrali Samant

Novice Oratory Speaking

  • 9th Place- Grant Smith

Varsity Policy Debate

  • 4th Place- Maddie Azares and Paris Snider

Novice Policy Debate

  • 4th Place- Chesney Chin and Cannon Warner
  • 3rd Place Speaker Award- Logan Vandenberg
  • 6th Place Speaker Award- Quinn Munger