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A Guide to Online Safety

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online safety

Albion is dedicated to being proactive in the effort to help our students be safe, responsible, and informed with their use of the internet and social media. Passing notes in class has been replaced with under-the-desk texting, just as hard-bound encyclopedias have been replaced with online databases and search engines. This shift in resources means a shift in mentality, and we encourage you as parents to discuss your family’s online expectations and safety boundaries.

Click here for an infographic to help you get started in this discussion. This document details: handling both the positive and negative aspects of social media, keeping online profiles and communications safe and responsible, using new online tools for study aides and research, and more.

We want all of our students to become fluent in their digital literacy for both academic and social purposes, but, more importantly, we want them to be safe. We encourage you to discuss these topics with your family members and let us know how we as teachers and administrators can help.