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“The Snow Brawl” Debate Tournament Results

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Here are the exciting results from Albion’s participation in the most recent district debate tournament on January 11 at Mount Jordan Middle School.

Lincoln-Douglas Debate (out of 69 competitors)

2nd Place (& won all her rounds)- Raunya Barakat

2nd Place Speaker Award- Matthew Telling

7th Place (& won all her rounds)- Fatima Zaidi

9th Place (& won all his rounds)- Porter Eldredge

9th Place Speaker Award- Logan Rolfson

Extemporaneous Speaking (out of 24 competitors)

2nd Place- Taylor Navarro

5th Place- Elizabeth Sheffield

Policy Debate (out of 65 teams)

5th Place Team (& won all their rounds) - Maddie Azares & Paris Snider

10th Place Speaker Award- Chesney Chin

Oratory Speaking (out of 94 competitors)

16th Place- Livia Leake