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Albion’s debate team competed in the last, and most important tournament of the year on April 26 at Alta High School--the state debate tournament. Out of six possible first place trophies, Albion students won three of them!

Extemporaneous Speaking -out of 33 competitors

  • 3rd Place- Luke Taylor
  • 9th Place- Chase Elggren

Lincoln-Douglas Debate -out of 51 competitors

  • FIRST PLACE speaker award- Fatima Zaidi
  • 2nd place speaker award- Porter Eldredge
  • 6th place overall- Fatima Zaidi
  • 6th place speaker award- Kaden Burleigh
  • 7th place overall- Porter Eldredge

Oratory Speaking -out of 46 competitors

  • FIRST PLACE- Chaitrali Samant

Policy Debate -out of 51 teams

  • FIRST PLACE TEAM- Maddie Azares and Paris Snider

Finally, Chaitrali Samant was chosen as the state’s runner up for the Spirit of Utah Debate award. An award that celebrates the most dedicated Utah debaters.

Congratulations debaters!