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Albion Teacher of the Year 2019-20: Emalee Brown

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emalee2Family and Consumer Sciences teacher Emalee Brown is the teacher you always want for your child and you want as a co-worker. She never ceases to work for the benefit of the school and her students. Miss Brown is described by her colleagues as “generous,” “caring,” “enthusiastic,” “selfless”, and “creative.”

In the classroom, Miss Brown provides real-world, hands-on, relevant projects that her students love and learn from. She brings life to all other subjects by applying these core classes into her Family and Consumer Science classes. She shows them not only the purpose of the lesson, but empowers them to rise to the occasion. One popular project is the student-run “food trucks,” where students showcase their food-planning, cooking, and marketing abilities. Miss Brown requires high-quality work from her students, and provides rigorous opportunities for them to excel at.

Miss Brown leads outside of the classroom as well. She is in charge of costumes for the musical, and she attends and helps at after-school musical rehearsals. She also does a fantastic job as the sponsor of the Student Body Officers. She makes sure they organize spirit weeks, the weekly classroom recycling program, a cereal drive for low-income elementary students over winter break, and the flags on display on patriotic holidays.

When an engineering/woods teacher left Albion unexpectedly, Miss Brown stepped in and wrote lesson plans, gathered materials for projects, and even taught some classes (in addition to her own) for several weeks. After another teacher was hired, Emalee continued doing these things to teach the new teacher and ensure a positive student experience.

If there is anything going on to build Albion culture, community, and to support Albion students and staff, Miss Brown is certain to be involved! We love her example of dedication and enthusiasm and count ourselves very lucky to have her part of our Albion team!