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Overall Team Champions!

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Albion’s debate team competed in the district championship tournament on 4/25 at Corner Canyon High School and we have fantastic news to report!

For the second year in a row, Albion won the overall team champion award!

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

  • FIRST PLACE- Calla Jordin
  • 5th Place- Noah Martinez
  • 6th Place- Alyssa Gillan
  • 8th Place- Graff Linnebach

Extemporaneous Speaking

  • 2nd Place- Carden Pohlman
  • 5th Place- Abi Rasmussen

Policy Debate

  • 8th Place team- Karst Plante and Mo Salanoa

Oratory Speaking

  • 2nd Place- McKenna Jones
  • 3rd Place- Alex Carlyle
  • 9th Place- Sharlies McEwen

Finally, there were two extra special awards given at the championship tournament. Alyssa Gillan won Albion’s MVP award for being the debater with the most tournament wins and most debate honor’s society points over the last two years. Here are her stats:

  • She's competed in every single tournament this year and last year.
  • She’s earned 254 National Speech and Debate Association honor’s society points.
  • She's THE ONLY Albion student this year to reach the 4th level of NSDA distinction, or the "Achievement" level. According to a recent email the NSDA sent, there are only 188 other middle schoolers to have reached this level (or 6.12% of their total middle school members).
  • Here are all the awards she’s won in the last 2 years:
    • ’17-’18 Monster Bash 5th place
    • ’18-’19 Monster Bash 5th Place
    • ’18-’19 Snow Brawl 9th Place
    • ‘18-’19 March Madness 9th Place
    • ’18-’19 Championship 6th Place

Alex Carlyle won Albion’s Coach’s Choice award for being the debater who has put the most heart, soul, and work into debate over the last two years. Alex also went on to receive the district-wide Coach’s Choice award. Here is the wording of his award:

“Alex started planning, researching, writing, tweaking, memorizing, and performing his Oratory speech starting in JULY of 2018. He worked on it EVERY SINGLE DAY for 10 months. That's not a hyperbole, he literally worked on it every single day, multiple times a day. Plus, he worked with his coach every single day that she was available after school which means most weeks, he practiced with her 3-4 times a week after school. 

He never missed an after school practice. He always supported other Oratory students at practice by helping them improve their speeches, giving them tips to improve their performances, and by generally encouraging them to persevere.”