Language Arts

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Albion Language Arts Teachers:

Emma Coates (Creative Writing 1 & 2, Debate, Exploratory Arts)

Erica Hall (Language Arts 8, 8H)

Stephanie Nasser (Language Arts 8, 8H)

Lacee Larson (Language Arts 7, 7H)

Chamane Monson (Language Arts 7, 7H)

Brittany Fielding (Language Arts 6)

Jeff King (Language Arts 6)

Bridget Rees (Teacher Librarian)

Utah Secondary Language Arts Core 

Albion Middle School strives for all students to be successful and find meaning in their ELA education through active participatory learning. The Language Arts Core Curriculum emphasizes purposeful reading and writing to help students grow into independent learners while in middle school.  We as ELA teachers, empower students to understand and investigate themselves, others, new cultures and the environment through different genres of fiction and non-fiction literature.

Albion Style Guide (used in all grades)

8th Grade Annotation Guide

Albion Writing Rubrics and Citation Basics (used in all grades)