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Albion PE / Health Teachers:

Nathan Foster (Health, PE)

Brooke Harris (Health, PE)

Sofia Waugh (Dance and Art Exploration)

Utah Secondary Physical Education Core Curriculum 

Instruction in physical education strives to develop healthy, responsible students who have the knowledge, attitudes, and skills to work together in groups, think critically, and participate in a variety of activities that lead to a lifelong healthy lifestyle. The Physical Education Core Curriculum utilizes appropriate instructional practices to develop competence and confidence in a variety of movement forms such as sports, dance, and recreational and physical fitness activities. The emphasis is on providing success and enjoyment for all students, and not just for those who are physically gifted.  The Physical Education Core represents a shift from a team sports-dominated program to a lifetime activity format with connections to community resources.  Knowledge of the relationship between proper nutrition and the benefits of a consistent fitness regimen is the common thread running through the Physical Education Core.  Reading and writing practices such as reports, activity journals, and portfolios are incorporated in the Core to broaden the physical education experience and to contribute to the overall literacy of students.  Students develop life skills through cooperative and competitive activity participation and learn to value academic service experiences.

The Physical Education Core describes what students should know and be able to demonstrate at the end of each course. It was developed, critiqued, piloted, and revised by a committee comprised of physical education teachers, district specialists, university educators, State Office of Education specialists, and representatives from the community.  The Core reflects the current 

national philosophy of physical education represented in national standards developed by the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance and the National Association for Sport and Physical Education, the two governing bodies of health and physical education in the United States.

Responsible Healthy Lifestyles 
Health Education 
Levels 7-8 

Health Education offers students an opportunity to acquire knowledge, practice skills, and develop attitudes that can benefit them throughout life. Building a solid foundation of good literacy and decision-making skills can contribute to a variety of healthy choices for self and others. Although the knowledge components are addressed through the seven different content sections, the development of process and life skills and attitudes has been incorporated throughout the entire curriculum.