Social Studies

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Albion Social Studies Teachers:  

Alison Keddington (World History 6)

Nancy Brisbay (World History 6)

Taylor Durfey (Utah Studies 7)--all information on Canvas

Megan Holt (Utah Studies 7)--all information on Canvas

Kara Bray (US History 8)--all information on Canvas

Eden Ellingson (U.S. History 8)--all information on Canvas

Utah Studies Core

Utah is a state diverse in landscape and people.  This course is designed to help students understand the state of Utah at a deeper level by reviewing Utah’s early history and particularly emphasizing Utah from statehood to the present.  Students will understand the interaction between Utah’s geography and its inhabitants, as well as the formative contributions of Native American Indians, explorers, and Utah pioneers.  The course will also investigate relationships between government and the people of Utah, the many opportunities people have to make a living in Utah, the diverse nature of Utah’s people and cultures, and the impact of contemporary events on the land and people of Utah.  The Utah Studies core is designed to meet the needs of a semester-length course.  Full-year Utah Studies courses may expand the scope and detail of this course to meet specific needs.

United States History 8

United States History for grade 8 covers events and issues from the Age of Exploration through Reconstruction and the western movement, emphasizing the 18th and 19th centuries.  Topics covered will include, but are not limited to exploration, colonization, the Revolutionary War, constitutional issues, nation building, the Civil War, Reconstruction, and the western movement.  Standards 1 and 2 should be integrated throughout the course rather than taught independently.  The remaining standards can be taught either chronologically or thematically.  Although the emphasis of this course is on the 18th and 19th centuries, additional content may be covered as time permits.