Social Studies

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Albion Social Studies Teachers:  

Alison Keddington (Social Studies 6)

Robyn Holyoak (Social Studies 6)

Lauren Nielsen (Utah Studies 7)

Kate Knighton (Utah Studies 7)

Eden Ellingson (US History 8)

Dallin Maxfield (US History 8) 

World History (grade 6)

In the sixth grade, the focus for social studies turns to the world. Just as there is no possible way to learn about all facets of the United States, there is no way to learn about all the world has to offer. Rather, students will continue on their lifelong social studies journey with a study of people and places of the world from a variety of historic eras. Students will learn about selected regions of the world (Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome) and the societies that have formed there during ancient times. They will focus on systems of governance, the rights and responsibilities they hold, how their societies have changed and continued over time, and how these regions are interconnected. We will also study the Middle Ages and Renaissance, the Age of Revolutions, and historical events from 20th Century, such as World War I and World War II. The focus on these specific eras will allow students to explore ideas and concepts in depth, learning life lessons and making connections that will inspire and excite them for their lives to come.

Utah Studies Core (grade 7)

Utah is a state diverse in landscape and people.  This course is designed to help students understand the state of Utah at a deeper level by reviewing Utah’s early history and particularly emphasizing Utah from statehood to the present.  Students will understand the interaction between Utah’s geography and its inhabitants, as well as the formative contributions of Native American Indians, explorers, and Utah pioneers.  The course will also investigate relationships between government and the people of Utah, the many opportunities people have to make a living in Utah, the diverse nature of Utah’s people and cultures, and the impact of contemporary events on the land and people of Utah.  The Utah Studies core is designed to meet the needs of a semester-length course.  Full-year Utah Studies courses may expand the scope and detail of this course to meet specific needs.

United States History (grade 8)

In eighth grade the course of study is United States history. Students learn how early events shaped the nation and the world we live in today.  It begins with how geography, European exploration, and colonization shaped ideas and values that led to the American Revolution. Students develop an understanding of how the U.S. government was created and works today, while taking a deep look at the creation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Then students explore with Lewis and Clark, travel the Oregon Trail, and look at the beginning of American politics and policy. The year ends with an examination of the roots of slavery and geographic divisions that led to compromises in the Constitution, regional differences, and finally the Civil War.