Display #
Name Position
Alison Keddington Social Studies - 6th Grade Camelot
Amy Olsen Math - 8th Grade Excalibur
Barry Johnson Science - 7th Grade Camelot
Brittany Fielding English - 6th Grade Excalibur
Brooke Harris PE and Health
Chamane Monson English - 7th Grade Camelot
Chelsea Jones 3-D Art and Studio Art
Christy Gordon English and Math
Dallin Maxfield Social Studies - 8th Grade Camelot
Daniel Croshaw Math - 7th Grade Excalibur
David Martini CCA and Exploring Technology
Dawn Tawareguci Special Education
Denise Sidesinger Science - 7th Grade Excalibur
Eden Ellingson Social Studies - 8th Grade Excalibur
Elisa McLean College & Career Awareness, Family & Consumer Sciences
Emalee Brown College & Career Awareness, Family & Consumer Sciences
Emalee Elkins Math - 6th Grade Camelot
Emma Coates Creative Writing (1, 2, & Exploratory Arts) and Debate (1 & 2)
Erica Hall English - 8th Grade Excalibur
Jeff King English - 6th Grade Camelot
Jenni F. Perkins Band and Orchestra
Jennifer Jolley Spanish
Jenny Longenecker Speech Language Pathologist
Joseph Wale Math - 8th grade Camelot
Kate Knighton Social Studies - 7th Grade Excalibur
Katie Wilson Special Education
Lacee Larson English - 7th Grade Excalibur
Lauren Nielsen Social Studies - 7th Grade Camelot
Mary Simao Math - 7th Grade Camelot
Mindy Timothy Science - 8th Grade Camelot
Nathan Drozd Science - 6th grade Excalibur
Nathan Foster PE and Health
Phoenix Vamvakias Science - 6th Grade Camelot
Robyn Holyoak Social Studies - 6th Grade Excalibur
Seth Crandall 3-D Art
Sofia Waugh Dance and Reading
Stephanie Nasser English - 8th Grade Camelot
Taylor Rowley Choir
Timothy Barber Math - 6th grade Excalibur
Tracy Evert Science - 8th Grade Excalibur