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Our children need to know the importance of post-secondary education and how it will affect their quality of life in the years to come. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the earning potential of those who graduate from high school is $19,900, compared to $11,864 for those who do not graduate. A Bachelors degree earning potential is $37,203, a Master's degree increases to $49,324, a Doctorate to $63,952, and adding a professional licensure up to a median income of $71,606, (U.S. Census Bureau, March 2002). Albion Middle School joins our school district superintendent, David Doty, on his vision for academic excellence for ALL students.

This page will provide you with usefull links to help prepare students now for their college and career paths of choice. If you have specific questions please contact us in our counseling department at 801-826-6721 and 801-826-6722.

Useful Links and Resources

In order to graduate from High School you will need the following amount of credits starting in your 9th grade year:

Subject Area Credits Subject Area Credits
English 4 Social Studies 3.5
Mathematics 3 Science 3
Physical Education 1.5 Health 0.5
Cultural Arts 1.5 Computer Technology 0.5
Financial Literacy 0.5 CTE 1
Electives 8 Total Number of Credits Required for Graduation 27



ACT and SAT Tests

ACT and SAT are college admission standardized tests used throughout the U.S. Learn all that you need to know about these tests that you will be required to take in order to be admitted at colleges and universities.


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