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Math Tutoring

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Math tutoring starts Tuesday, September 6th!

Tuesdays:  7:00 - 7:30 a.m.   Olsen
Wednesdays: 3:00 - 3:30 p.m.  Kaier/Mumford
 Thursdays:  3:00 - 3:30 p.m.   Colligan/Wachner

 Math tutoring is funded by USTAR and by School Land Trust money





Book Club

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Book Club is held the third Tuesday of the month at 3:00 p.m. in the library.

2016-2017 Book Club Books

Book Club is held the 3rd Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. in the library.

September 20

Trials of Apollo by Rick Riordan

(fantasy—new series)

October 18

The Nest by Kenneth Oppel 

(fantasy, suspense)

November 15

The War That Saved My Life by
Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

(historical fiction)

December 20

The Leveller by Julia Durango

(science fiction)

January 17

Lost in the Sun by Lisa Graff

(realistic fiction)

February 21

Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown 


March 21

Texting the Underworld by Ellen Booraem 


April 18

Echo by Pam Munoz Ryan

(historical fiction, magical realism)

May 16

The Fixer by Jennifer Barnes 

(realistic fiction, adventure)


The Crossover

Screaming Staircase

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library

The Testing

The President Has Been Shot!: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy

Under the Egg


Yellow Star

Counting by 7s



Sky Raiders: Five Kingdoms #1

One Came Home

Doll Bones

Mississippi Trial, 1955

Guitar Notes


Boy on the Wooden Box

Shadow and Bone



Day of Tears






Lions of Little Rock



Stop Pretending
Scorpio Races
Okay for Now
Shooting Kabul  
Sean Griswold's Head  
Charles and Emma  
The False Prince  
Payback Time 

Out of the Dust
Scorch Trials
Morpheus Road: The Light
Anything But Typical 
Brooklyn Nine

Yellow Star
Beautiful Creatures
Maze Runner
Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow
Waiting For Normal
One-Handed Catch

Love That Dog
Sea of Trolls
Searching For David’s Heart
Hunger Games
Kira, Kira
The Graveyard Book
Red Moon at Sharpsburg

Swimming Upstream
Dragon Slippers
Seer of Shadows
The Wednesday Wars
The Golden Dreams of Carlo Chucio
Hattie Big Sky
The Giver

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Code Orange
Pictures of Hollis Woods
Montmorency: Thief, Liar, Gentleman?
City of Ember
Eyes of the Emperor

Fever, 1793
Jade Green
Lightning Thief
Princess Academy
Schwa Was Here

Island of the Blue Dolphins
Full Tilt
A Break with Charity: a story about the Salem Witch Trials
Lord of the Nutcracker Men
Homeless Bird
Heir Apparent

Wait ‘Til Helen Comes
House of the Scorpion
What Child is This?
Hope was Here
When My Name Was Keoko
The Gadget
White Mountains
Once Upon a Marigold

Devil’s Arithmetic
Golden Compass
Pendragon:  The Merchant of Death
A Long Way from Chicago
Zach's Lie
The Thief Lord
Surviving the Applewhites
Dealing with Dragons

Community Council

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The School Community Council (SCC) is comprised of parents, school employees, and the principal.  The Council has statutory responsibilities to develop the School Improvement and LAND Trust plans which are focused on increasing student achievement in our school and may include provisions for professional development.  Throughout the school year, the SCC reviews school data, identifies academic needs, sets measurable goals, establishes action steps to reach those goals, and evaluates success of the plans. This gives parents and school employees opportunities to be involved in the decision making process at the local school level.

The SCC is responsible for determining how the LAND Trust funds are used in our school.  When Utah was granted Statehood, parcels of land were placed in a perpetual Trust with the children of Utah as beneficiaries.  Revenues from these lands go into the Permanent State School Fund. The dividends and interest of that fund are distributed annually to each public school in Utah.  As a result, our school received $87,579 in the 2017-18 school year.

Additionally the SCC serves as an advisory council to the school and district administration as well as the Canyons District Board of Education. In this role, an SCC fosters communication between the school and community on local school issues.  The School Community Council is a vital partner in fulfilling the mission of Canyons School District: "Every student will graduate college-and-career ready.

We love our SCC members! If you would like to serve on the Albion School Community Council, elections are held in the fall to fill open seats. Election forms are included in the back to school paperwork, and are available in the main office during the month of August.

Land Trust Report 2016-17

September 22, 2011 Minutes

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School Community Council Meeting

September 22, 2011       

Attending: Roberto Jimenez, Jodi Roberts, Michelle Flynn, Nancy Tingey, Sarah Weaver, Connie Simons, Courtney Roberts, Marianne Bates. Excused: Joanne Ackerman.

  1. Minutes of the May 5, 2011, meeting were read and approved.
  2. Members of the School Community Council introduced themselves.
  3. Members watched the DVDs “Earning for Education” and “Touch the Future.”
  4. Jodi Roberts and Michelle Flynn were elected co-chairs of the SCC. Members of the council will take turns taking the meeting minutes.   Sarah Weaver recorded the minutes for today’s meeting.
  5. Members gave information including email and phone numbers.   E-mail or phone number of each member needs to be posted on the school website.
  • Explain the new Common Core
  • Tell how classes are realigned using the CC
  • Discuss tutoring
    • How many unique students using tutoring?
    • How many repeat students?
    • For students repeating continually, why?
    • Is there a way to target students that really need help, but may not take advantage of tutoring
  • Are the programs that are in place helping? What could be different?
  • Math Aide
  • Class that is being held 2 periods—effective? How does it work? Who teaches it? How were the students selected?
  1. Concerns:
  • Weight of backpacks for students traveling many times between Albion and Butler
  • What will happen when it snows and students have to wear coats?
  • Brookwood is having problems with the parents of Albion students being dropped off there. J. Roberts suggested that a police presence might be helpful. It was also suggested that an email or letter could be sent home to parents reminding them of the following:
    • Parents should avoid cell phone use while driving
    • Obey speed limit, no speeding
    • Students should use crosswalks
    • Parents should follow the elementary school’s traffic patterns and rules for school safety
  1. Other comments:
  • CH Rec Center has complimented Albion students on their good behavior
  1. Next meeting is scheduled for October 27, 2011.