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Student-Nominated Teacher and Student Awards

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Do it the Knight way

Albion houses some truly top-notch teachers. Which teacher inspires you to be better? Which teacher motivates you to reach your goals? Which teacher cares about you more than any other? Send this teacher a big high-five by nominating him or her for our student-nominated end-of-the-year award. 

In addition, it is no secret that Albion has an incredibly talented student body. Our school is made up of musicians, athletes, leaders, artists, scholars, and service-givers. Together, we are hard-working students who seek to achieve excellence. Who inspires you to be better? Who motivates you to reach your goals? Who does it the “Knight Way” even when no one is watching? Let this student know that his or her efforts are an example to you by nominating him or her today!

Click here to nominate your chosen teacher and student. 

State Debate Winners

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Albion had 12 debaters who qualified for the state tournament this year. The state tournament was April 20th at Alta High School and here are the exciting results:

Oratory Speaking

FIRST PLACE!- Juseong Kang

3rd Place- Raunya Barakat

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

4th Place speaking award and 7th place overall award- Cameron Johns

Congratulations Juseong, Raunya and Cameron!

Albion Names Mrs. Lacee Larson its 2017-18 Teacher of the Year

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Albion is pleased to announce that Mrs. Lacee Larson, one of our seventh-grade Language Arts teachers, has been awarded the honor of Albion's Teacher of the Year. This award was chosen by our school's administration, faculty, parents, and students, and we could not be more proud that such incredible teachers represent our staff here at Albion!

To find out more about Mrs. Larson and this much-deserved award, click here


Congratulations Debate Team!

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Championship Tourney

We have great news from the championship debate tournament at Mount Jordan Middle School held on March 30. Not only did these students when trophies for being in the top 20 percent of the many debaters who competed, they all earned the honor of qualifying for the state debate tournament on April 20!

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

  • 2nd Place (and won all his rounds!)- Porter Eldredge
  • 4th Place (and won all her rounds!)- Fatima Zaidi
  • 3rd Place Speaking Award and 8th Place Overall- Cameron Johns

Oratory Speaking

  • 2nd Place (and won first place in all her rounds!)- Raunya Barakat
  • 4th Place- Chaitrali Samant
  • 5th Place- Isabel Phillips
  • Juseong Kang and Simon Lambrick also qualified for the state tournament.

Impromptu Speaking

  • 4th Place- Raunya Barakat
  • 5th Place- Fatima Zaidi

Extemporaneous Speaking

  • 5th Place- Chase Elggren

Policy Debate

  • 8th Place Overall Team- Madelyn Azares and Paris Snider
  • 8th Place Speaker Award- Madelyn Azares

There are also 2 special, extra awards given at the championship tournament every year:

  • MVP Award (for the student who had the most success all year long)- Madelyn Azares
  • Coach’s Award (for the student who put the most work and heart into debate even though they may not have had the most success)- Logan Rolfson

Congratulations Debaters!