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Albion Middle School 2021-22 End of the Year Awards

On May 23, 2021  students were honored for the following awards: 


Knight of the Round Table students are students who demonstrate academic excellence in all of their classes. They take responsibility for their learning, are hard workers, and are motivated to always do their best. In class, they ask insightful questions and are engaged in their teachers’ lessons. They have outstanding citizenship, treat others with respect, and always have a positive attitude.

Sixth Grade

Calvin Auman

Ezra Jones

Abigail Eliason

Macalister Gunn

Adalyn Poelman

Autumn Borla

Sam Bradburn

Leah Partain

Tessa Nelson

Phoebe Rosevear

Seventh Grade

Abigail Aure

Erin Saunders

Brea Anderson

Hunter Herrington

Easton Evers

Susanna Hunter

Jane Sadowski

Owen Hanson

Tessa Whitney

Corbin Nielsen

Eighth Grade

Madelyn Boyack

Anna Miner

Kenna Hanson

Brinley El-Bakri

Londyn Green

James Robbins

Payton Morzelewski

Kate Andersen

Wilder Strong

Clara Partain


Sword in the Stone students are students who have worked extremely hard to improve their grades and/or citizenship. They have had great perseverance and have put in the extra effort, which has helped them succeed. They have the ability to set academic goals, plans, and self-regulate their learning. In doing all of these things, they have had a positive attitude and when needed, have reached out to their teachers for help to ensure their success.

Sixth Grade

Taylor Oliphant

Bella Hansen

Isabella Archuleta

Channing Astin

Jake Ylst

Lydia Hansen

Alyssa Tillotson

Gracie Morris

Dallas Freed

Quinten Wolf

Seventh Grade

Lindsey Holtry

Argo Tarr

Garrett Oviatt

Brook Rosvall

Chris Freed

Ruby (Windsor) Cannon

Leslie Burnham

Grace Janke

Easton Putzke

Sean Kavanaugh

Eighth Grade

Gabe Abbott

James Oliphant

Samuel Stephens

Jackson Roth

Trevor Wilkinson

Sophie Yates

Brooklyn Poulsen

Fernando Cortez

Christopher (Topher) Willmore

Tyler Broome


The Knight in Shining Armor Award is given to students who have continued to serve as exemplary members of our Albion school community. These students know what it means to be a true friend and practice these skills daily. They show compassion for their peers, they understand the value of a positive school environment, and they help to cultivate this through their honesty and positive attitude. These students provide a model of behavior and character that we hope all students strive to emulate – we have no doubt in the bright future ahead of these Knights in Shining Armor.

Sixth Grade

Mary Jane Robbins

Landon Summers

Annie Simmons

Savanna Zenger

Marshall Madsen

Ivy Steele

Showqu Louza

Taylor Herrington

Emma Ganic

Madi Best

Seventh Grade

Andrew Young

Sadie Trinity

Clair Stout

Anders Theurer

Sean Kavanaugh

Damien Benash

Shelby Wells

Ethan Lockhart

Beckham Peterson

Mckayla Johnson

Eighth Grade

Henry Owen

Hazel Smith

Kira Gardner

Rowan Blair

Gracelyn Tippetts

Grace Hunter

Hannah Wixom

Ellie Jones

Lucy Hammell

Michael Fisher

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