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Debate Monster Bash Winners

Albion’s debate team competed at the “Monster Bash” tournament on October 26th against hundreds of fellow debaters at Draper Park Middle School. Here are the exciting results: 


Varsity Policy Debate

  • FIRST Place Team (and qualified for State) – Cason Plott and Landon Guymon 
  • 2nd Place Team (and qualified for State) – Marcus Broderick and John Vaughn 
  • 2nd Place Speaker – Gary Lyhnakis 
  • 3rd Place Team (and qualified for State) – Lincoln Wong and Will Croft 
  • 3rd Place Speaker – Max Sorenson 
  • 4th Place Team (and qualified for State) – Habeeb Khan and Gage Christensen
  • 4th Place Speaker – Bridger Swenson 


Novice Policy Debate

  • FIRST Place Team – Eden Morgan and Kalea Campbell
  • 2nd Place Team – Brayden Grindstaff and Austin Flamm 
  • 3rd Place Team – Liam Gibbs and Jax Knudsen 
  • 4th Place Team – John Parker and James Mohle 
  • 5th Place Team – Natalie Hansen and Miranda Goodson 
  • Albion “swept” this category. That means we won every award available.


Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Debate

  • FIRST Place Speaker – Stamatis Zoumberakis 
  • 2nd Place Speaker – Sophia Bergstrom 
  • 4th Place (and qualified for State) – Neve Chamberlain 
  • 5th Place (and qualified for State) – Greyson Bills 


Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debate

  • FIRST Place Speaker – Henry Slabbert 
  • Top Ten Percent: 
    • Liam Linton 
    • Cameron Kelly
    • Ella Sheffield 


Novice Extemporaneous Speaking 

  • FIRST Place – Charlotte Radzinski 
  • 3rd Place – Liam Acton 


Varsity Oratory Speaking

  • FIRST Place (and qualified for State) – Bridget Smit 


Novice Oratory Speaking

  • 3rd Place – Eleanor Longaker 
  • Top Ten Percent: 
    • Payslee Bergk 
    • Oliver Combs-Goodrich
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