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Mrs. Lacee Larson Named Albion 2017-18 Teacher of the Year

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Many words can describe our teacher of the year including leader, inspirational, empowering, genuine and of course lover of the 70’s. Lacee Larsen is one of the most genuine teachers that you can find at Albion Middle School. Throughout her 4 years at Albion, she has promoted a positive school and classroom culture that inspires her peers to do the same. Lacee is a strong positive influence and knows how to be a leader while staying cool, calm, and collected in stressful situations. Lacee has a strong sense of self awareness and knows how to hold herself, her students and her peers accountable in a positive and loving way. Lacee’s love for teaching radiates through her every day by her ability to be a positive example with her team members, having positive relationships with students and striving to be an inspirational teacher.

Lacee is a strong team member of the Excaliber and 7th grade team where she steps up to be a leader among her peers and takes the reins on many projects. She works hard to be a beacon for collaboration within team and school meetings and strives towards the goal of doing what is best for all of the students of Albion. Lacee proves herself daily by being a strong and positive example for the new teachers and veteran teachers at Albion. She has a natural ability to mentor new teachers by guiding them through their first years as educators. She can often be observed encouraging other teachers to do their best and is always a great source for collaboration. Lacee is great at communicating with other teachers, her students and the parents that are involved in her classroom. She is fantastic at communicating with other teachers about students so that everyone involved has current information so that the student can be fully successful throughout their classes. Lacee is an amazing liason between the PTSA and the faculty. She is great at communicating upcoming events or opportunities that are through PTSA and keeping all involved parties informed.

Lacee strives daily to build positive student relationships with not only the students in her class but with all of the students in Albion. You can often find her in the hallways smiling at students and enjoying conversations with them because she genuinely cares about them entirely. She encourages the students to work hard and also guides the students to strive to do their best in all aspects of school. Lacee encourages students to care about the world around them and to be good people among their peers in different social situations. Lacee makes a point to start her classroom off with 3 inspirational quotes that her students repeat back to her and promotes student learning through her different classroom mottos. She is aware that how she treats her students actually makes a difference and that the relationship she creates with her students will last forever. Her students are lucky to have her!

Lacee is an inspirational teacher that makes learning for her students fun and interesting. Her students know that she loves teaching because it shines through her lessons and classroom activities. Lacee is able to have good classroom management because her students respect her and she has given them the same respect back. Her students know that they are cared for in her classroom and they enjoy learning with her. Lacee is a true advocate for kids that may need extra help. She is willing to help students make up work or reteach subjects when a student is struggling. Lacee makes sure that she is aware of where all of her students are at with assignments and grades so that no student falls through the cracks. She teaches her students to be self-motivated and encourages them to find and be the best version of themselves in school and outside of school.

Albion is lucky to have Lacee Larsen as a teacher because she is a natural teacher. She loves and cares for the teachers, faculty, staff and students that she interacts with on a daily basis and always makes everyone feel important. Lacee promotes a positive atmosphere and school culture at Albion while encouraging others to do the same. Lacee proves that there truly are genuine people in this world. Lacee Larsen embodies all of the amazing qualities that a great teacher should have and it is an honor to have her be Albion Middle School’s teacher of the year for 2017! 

Congratulations Debate Team!

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Championship Tourney

We have great news from the championship debate tournament at Mount Jordan Middle School held on March 30. Not only did these students when trophies for being in the top 20 percent of the many debaters who competed, they all earned the honor of qualifying for the state debate tournament on April 20!

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

  • 2nd Place (and won all his rounds!)- Porter Eldredge
  • 4th Place (and won all her rounds!)- Fatima Zaidi
  • 3rd Place Speaking Award and 8th Place Overall- Cameron Johns

Oratory Speaking

  • 2nd Place (and won first place in all her rounds!)- Raunya Barakat
  • 4th Place- Chaitrali Samant
  • 5th Place- Isabel Phillips
  • Juseong Kang and Simon Lambrick also qualified for the state tournament.

Impromptu Speaking

  • 4th Place- Raunya Barakat
  • 5th Place- Fatima Zaidi

Extemporaneous Speaking

  • 5th Place- Chase Elggren

Policy Debate

  • 8th Place Overall Team- Madelyn Azares and Paris Snider
  • 8th Place Speaker Award- Madelyn Azares

There are also 2 special, extra awards given at the championship tournament every year:

  • MVP Award (for the student who had the most success all year long)- Madelyn Azares
  • Coach’s Award (for the student who put the most work and heart into debate even though they may not have had the most success)- Logan Rolfson

Congratulations Debaters!

MATHCOUNTS Surprise Success!

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Albion’s MathCOUNTs team placed third in the Chapter Competition that was held on February 4th, 2017.  This was extremely exciting for us because at first we were told that we didn’t place at all.  After reviewing our team’s scores, we were later informed that we, in fact, placed third!  Congratulations to our team members and coach (Emalee Elkins) for all of their hard work!


Pictured:  MathCOUNTS Team with their trophies:  (from left to right) Dallin Yauney, Aaron Hanson, Ashley Hill, and Haden Kunzler.

Our MathCOUNTs team will be competing in the State Competition on March 25th.  Wish us luck!