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Albion Math Teachers:

Amy Olsen (College Prep Math 8)

Joseph Wale (College Prep Math 8)

Daniel Croshaw (College Prep Math 7)

Mary Simao (College Prep Math 7)

Timothy Barber (College Prep Math 6)

Emalee Elkins (College Prep Math 6)

Utah Secondary Mathematics Core Curriculum 

Students graduating from Utah high schools face a complex, technological, and constantly changing world. To compete successfully in the growing worldwide economy, students must have adequate preparation in the skills and understanding mathematics provides.  Mathematics literacy is essential and the need for it is universal.  The Utah State Secondary Mathematics Core outlines the essential skills and understanding required of capable adults.

The goal of the Core Curriculum is to develop mathematical proficiency in every student by building a conceptual base and developing mathematical fluency.  Students who understand mathematics will be able to communicate their reasoning, use multiple representations, and think logically.  They will develop positive attitudes toward mathematics, solve problems, and think creatively while connecting mathematics to other disciplines and to life.  Students will use mathematical tools, such as manipulative materials and technology, to develop conceptual understanding and solve problems.

The Secondary Mathematics Core describes what students should know and be able to do at the end of each of the six core courses:  Math 7, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Precalculus.   Every standard and objective is essential and will be tested.  This does not suggest that all objectives are of equal importance in developing students’ proficiency, nor that they should receive an equal amount of time in the classroom. 

The Secondary Mathematics Core was developed and revised by a community of Utah mathematics teachers, mathematicians, university mathematics educators, and State Office of Education specialists.  It was critiqued by an advisory committee representing a wide variety of people from the community, as well as an external review committee.  The Core reflects the current philosophy of mathematics education as expressed in national documents developed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the American Statistical Association, the College Board, and Achieve. This Mathematics Core has the endorsement of the Utah Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  The Core reflects high standards of achievement in mathematics for all students.