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Crickets or Worms Anyone?

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We have THE BEST administration imaginable here at Albion! Here's a little bit of proof: As a result of achieving out Book Fair sales goal of $4,500, Mr. Jameson and Ms. Lloyd agreed to eat a collection of delicious...BUGS! As you can see, neither of them was anxious for seconds.


District Debate Tournament

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Albion’s debate team has some exciting news from the district debate tournament that was held on February 23rd at Mount Jordan Middle School.

In Policy debate, which is the most difficult event, Madelyn Azares and Paris Snider won 2nd place!

 In Impromptu speaking, Porter Eldredge won 3rd place.

 Anthony Elbel won a 6th place speaker award in Policy Debate.

 In Lincoln-Douglas debate, Porter Eldredge won all his rounds and earned 7th place out of 66 competitors.

 In Oratory speaking there were 79 competitors. Juseong Kang won 6th place and Raunya Barakat won 13th place.

 These results are especially exciting considering how tough competition has been this year! Congratulations debaters!

White Ribbon Week

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This week (February 27 to March 3) is White Ribbon Week at Albion. White Ribbon Week is a positive school program presented by our PTSA and teachers that helps kids make healthy choices in media and technology. Students will learn learn about healthy meda habits, which are reinforced through discussions and fun activities. 

Each day we will focus on a different challenge. To follow is our Power Boost schedule: 

Monday: I will use technology to show kindness and respect. (Students will be encouraged to send a positive online or written message.)

Tuesday: I will give priority to real life relationships (Students will designate a "device-free zone at home.)

Wednesday: I will choose healthy activities to handle stress and boredom. (Students will be challenged to tell a parent three healthy alternatives to media when they are stressed.)

Thursday: I willl choose to balance my day. (Students will complete a circle graph demonstrating how they typically prioritize their time and will be asked to share this information with a parent.)

Friday: I will remember that not everything online is real. (Students will take part in object-lesson games during lunch.)

We encourage parents to speak with their children about these daily challenges and activities and enjoy a dialogue about how media and technology is influencing your lives.