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Albion School Community Council April 28, 2021

Choir Room 4:00 PM


  1. Call to Order and Approval of Agenda
    • March 3rd minutes previously approved by majority via
    • Council members Cristina Miller and Steffanie Nasser
  2. Old Business
    • Last meeting of the year
    • Financial Report: Most expenditures used for personnel and is going as planned. Classroom aid positions are filled. The rest of expenditures for Chromebooks and supplies are due on
  1. Data Review
    • 3rd quarter data: Jan-March
    • Early Warning System data shared via PowerPoint
    • Albion works with Brighton to make sure at risk students are taken care of
    • Online students may be accounting for increased D’s and F’s
    • Online school offering next year will be different enrollment than Albion but students can do electives and extracurriculars at Albion
    • Administration is also working with Albion to increase consistency and better prepare students for high school expectations
  1. New Business
    • TSSP funds were approved
    • We received $38,000 more than expected, mostly due to increased enrollment
    • We will add counseling support
    • RISE testing concerns: some students are under the impression that their RISE scores will count toward they’re grades. Teachers and administration are reiterating that that is not the case. Rise scores can help but not hurt in a class that takes a cumulative test at the end of the year. About ½ of teachers use that If students get a 3 or 4 on RISE they can sub 100% for the cumulative test. RISE scores can hurt a school but only from a publicity standpoint.
      • Question about RISE vs. Sage: administration company is different, another new company will be used next year. Hopefully scores from this year and next will be
    • Question about Canvas: Will teacher’s keep curriculum on Canvas after pandemic? Yes. Parents need to know that the curriculum is transparent. It helps students learn executive skills and rewards those that plan
    • No masks next year
    • Summer academy available as boost for those who need to catch up from losses during the pandemic school year
    • How do we help get rid of the negative connotation for tutoring? Albion is trying to There is a lot of involvement at Albion. The biggest problem is that students go to teachers for help after the teachers are off contract time rather than going for help directly after school.
  2. Appreciation expressed for SCC involvement
  3. Melinda Rosevear motions to Kim Steenblik seconds. Adjourned at 5:05 PM.
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