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Albion School Community Council Minutes

August 29, 2023

Albion Media Center, 4:05pm


Members Present: Mr. Eric Gardner, Mr. John Hellwig, Ms. Reagan Jewell,

Ms. Bailee Monteiro, Ms. Stephanie Nasser, Cherie Sadowski, Kim Steenblik, Ashley Anderson, Rachel Bills, Cristina Cook, Emily Decker, Anna Evensen, Stephanie Lewis, Pat Passey, Jessica Pohlman, Lindsey Tait, Kevin Taylor, and

Wes Novak via Zoom. Excused: Michelle Schmidt, Absent: Kim Wedlick




Call to Order: Cherie Sadowski, outgoing SCC Chair

Motion to approve the agenda: Kim Steenblik; 2nd Emily Decker;  Passed.

Minutes from previous meeting of March 29, 2023, were approved online.

Members of the SCC introduced themselves.

The roster of Albion SCC members for 2023-2024 was updated.


SCC Business:

  1. SCC Members should plan to attend the required District training sometime in September.
  2. SCC member responsibilities were reviewed. The following officers were nominated and elected to serve for this school year:

Chairman Kim Steenblik; Vice-Chair Ashley Anderson; Secretary Pat Passey; PTSA Liaison Jessica Pohlman

  1. Business should be conducted through: AlbionSCC@gmail.com
  2. The Rules of Order, Bylaws, and open meeting policy were reviewed. Visitors wishing to present an item to SCC must contact the Chairman at least one week prior to a scheduled meeting to be placed on the agenda.
  3. SCC proposed meeting dates are Tuesdays: September 19, October 17, November 28, January 23, February 20, March 19 and April 23.
  4. The Teacher Recognition subcommittee includes: Kim Steenblik, Rachel Bills, and Cristina Cook. At Noble Knight assemblies 2-3 teachers and one support staff are recognized for outstanding contributions to Albion. They receive a certificate, Yeti tumbler, treats and gift cards.
  5. Information about the Rising Up Together program was presented by Pat. This is a 10-week, small group, after school activity available but not yet approved by the District. It is similar to the Girls On the Run program, costs $110 per student and would require a couple faculty advisors. It may be considered again at a later date.
  6. Canyons District has developed Thrive Time. This program teaches life skills for success. It will be taught on Fridays
  7. School Safety was discussed. Mr. Gardner will contact Sandy City about the crosswalk south of Albion that was not painted after Newcastle was resurfaced. Appreciation was expressed for the additional crossing guards now serving our students as well as the Quail Hollow children.


Principal Report:

  1. Several trees on Albion property died due to the extreme heat last summer, they have been removed from our property.
  2. The CSD guidelines are that Chromebook use should be 50% or less of class time so teachers are actively teaching students most of each day. Chromebooks may be stored and charged nightly at school if parents prefer that they are not brought home.
  3. The newly installed security system in Albion cannot be accidentally triggered because it now requires a code be entered manually.
  4. The funds we receive from having a cell phone tower on our property will be used for teacher/student incentives and to construct a classroom wall.
  5. A motion by Stephanie L. and 2nd by Christina C. was passed to approve expenditure of these funds.


Counselor Report:

  1. Albion’s enrollment is currently 951 students, evenly distributed between the grades, and is the third largest middle school in Canyons District. All academic classes have 36 or fewer students in each room. It was noted that our neighborhoods are beginning to have declining enrollment in schools.


Motion to adjourn: 5:00pm by Emily D, 2nd Kevin T., Passed

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