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Albion School Community Council December 7, 2022

Albion Media Center 4: 00 pm MINUTES

Members Present: Dr.Molly Hart, Ms Amanda Parker, Mrs Robyn Holyoak, Mr. Dante Ross, Cherie Sadowski, Kevin Taylor, Sarah Allred, Ashley Anderson,

Rachel Bills, Emily Decker, Pat Passey, Jessica Pohlman, Melinda Rosevear, and Kim Steenblik.

Excused: Michelle Schmidt, Katie Dahle, Kim Wedlick


1.Call to Order – Cherie Sadowski, conducting

  • Motion to approve minutes from October and the agenda for today by Sarah seconded by Jessica P., Passed.


2.  General Business –

  • “Educator of Excellence” award winners recognized at the November assembly for Noble Knights were Taylor Rowley, Cory Christianson, Emma Coates and Sarah Williams (counseling department).
  • Remaining SCC meeting dates are: January 25, February 22, March 29 and April 26 of 2023.


3.  Principal’s Report –

  • Several of the parent representatives on the SCC expressed their appreciation for the academic and citizenship rewards that our students received in the mail at the end of the first quarter. Notes sent from individual teachers to students are motivating also.
  • We are “on track” for our expenditures of Trust Land Some of expenses can be moved to the TSSP category.
  • The U of U is offering an online course in January on four topics related to teaching English Language This entire course will take about 12 hours to complete. The SCC members agreed that teachers who want to participate should be compensated $250 for their time.
  • The SCC will finalize School Safety and Digital Citizenship plans before Winter Break. A majority of teachers use Land School to monitor student internet use in their classroom. Most of the SCC supports additional filters being added. Also suggested having the level of filter be an option at school registration. And in favor of more paper/pencil work in classrooms, using less technology.
  • Cheating on tests and homework is becoming a School being treated as a checklist and students just doing the minimum. Learning needs to happen. Students need to understand how to do school, why it’s important, learn responsibility and how this all affects learning success.
  • Two excellent websites for parents are: Childrenandscreens.com and Protectyoungeyes.com.
  • School testing for the Reading Inventory is being completed on a staggered basis before winter break.


4. Counselor’s Report –

  • PCCR meetings with families of 8th grade students are being conducted now to plan their high school classes.


Faculty Report –

  • The attendance policy for Albion students was presented. Goals and procedures laid out. Emphasizes the need to be physically in class. Albion making efforts to get those students who simply aren’t coming, back in the classroom. Home visits have even been made to check in and see what supports are needed.


5. Closing Comments –

  • 5:15 pm Motion to Adjourn by Kevin T., seconded by Ashley A – Passed
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