Albion Middle School Community Council

February 23, 2022 Media Center @ 4:00 PM




  1. Call to Order
    • Approval of Agenda
    • Approval of January 2022 minutes


  1. SCC Business
    • Meeting calendar for the year: March 30, April 27

Cherie Sadowski unable to attend March 30 meeting – Misti Milner to conduct

  • Continue work on next years TSSP and Land Trust plans



  1. Principal Report
  • TSSP and Land Trust final report for last year was due end of January
  • Review current plan and data review
  • School Safety, Positive Behavior Plan and Digital Citizenship



  1. Counselor’s Report



  1. Faculty Report
    • New Course Update – Digital Lit and SEL
    • Brighton Counselor visits for course selection



  1. New Business
    • Board voted to keep remote learning days for the remainder of the school Suggestions/feedback for next year?
    • Support staff pay increases next year (through district) to stay competitive and help fill empty Thoughts?



  1. Closing comments and Adjournment