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Albion School Community Council

January 23, 2019


Attending: Molly Hart, Sandy Lecheminant, Eden Ellingson, Katie Tatton, Pam Lanningham,  Tracy Morris, Rene Hunter, Mila Gleason, Leroy Vea, Rich Zito, Michelle Kushlan, Julie Clawson,  Cheryl Simmons

  1. Call to Order and Approval of Agenda
    • Last meeting’s minutes approved over email.

2. Old Business

    • Meeting calendar
      • February 22
      • April 12
      • March 15
      • May 17
    • Financial Report
      • 1-1 with devices now
      • $9,000 Saved for computer refreshing/repair/cart

3. Counseling Report

    • Almost finished with CCRs with 8th grade students
    • Feb: Course Selection
      • 6th grade wheel has worked well
      • 6th grade no longer have honors classes across Canyons School District
      • 6th grade new math curriculum
      • 8th grade math wants more information from high school about what the  expectations are for students entering 9th grade so there is not a gap March-April: Make changes and focus on social/emotional support
    • Classroom instruction
    • Small Group work with some students – looking into curriculum right now.

4. New Business

    • State changed middle school course requirements:
      • Math, science, social studies and ELA in 7th and 8th grades
      • Required PE, Health, digital lit, fine arts, CCA
      • Local Ed Agency (LEA) to decide length of courses
      • 7th Health/PE (combined), Can repeat in 8th grade if desired. Other PE options: strength and conditioning/dance electives (no health) State level law: parent can opt-out/substitute with course/experience
      • State required (CCA) College and Career Awareness to be 50% or 100%  not 75% of year, that opened up a space on wheel for another elective. May be adding Spanish if we can find a teacher.
    • SNAP Plan—Student Neighborhood Access Plan
      • Reviewed procedures for previous year
      • Nothing changed in routes for this year
      • No new district issues
      • 2 issues unchanged with Sandy City 
      • Little Cottonwood Road issues continue
      • Creek Road does not have continuous sidewalks
      • No new neighborhoods/roads to deal with
      • City installed street lights at Albion that had previously been a concern.
    • Planning for next year’s Comprehensive School Improvement Plan
      • (CSIP) Poll teachers
      • Targeted experiences
    • Request to address SCC –Soccer goals and nets
      • Student request to upgrade our soccer nets.
      • Ask SCC for permission to use cell tower money to replace the nets Albion owns. 
      • Motion made Julie Clawson, and seconded by Rene Hunter and SCC approved.
    • Money for aides still a priority.
      • Ways to recruit aides?

5. Member comments and adjournment.

    • Rene Hunter presented a scholarship opportunity – Canyons Education Foundation– New  Scholarship opportunity for 7th graders. $500-1000 scholarship to put into a 529 account that  will be available to them for College. Requirements: Has to be used for a college in Utah, and  also have parents who did not go to college.

6. Meeting adjourned at 5:30 pm.

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