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Albion School Community Council Minutes

January 23, 2024

Albion Media Center, 4:00pm


Members Present: Mr. Eric Gardner, Mr. John Hellwig, Ms. Reagan Jewell, Ms. Bailee Monteiro, Ms. Stephanie Nasser, Kim Steenblik, Ashley Anderson, Cristina Cook, Anna Everson, Stephanie Lewis, Wes Novak, Pat Passey, Jessica Pohlman, Michelle Schmidt, and Kevin Taylor. Excused: Emily Decker & Lindsey Tait.

Absent: Rachel Bills




Call to Order: Kim Steenblik, SCC Chair

Motion to approve agenda: Stephanie Nasser, 2nd Bailee Monteiro, Passed

Motion to approve minutes of 11-28-23: Stephanie Nasser, 2nd Kevin Taylor, Passed


SCC Business:

The next teacher recognition assembly will be on February 7, 2024. It was suggested that we honor four teachers and one support staff person. Albion has 47 licensed teachers and a total of 93 employees including the support staff.


Principal Report:

  1. The SCC reviewed the letter from the Governor regarding the use of cell phones in schools. Albion students keep phones in their pockets or backpacks during classes. They are available during lunch. We are in compliance with the Governor’s request.
  2. Incentives Report: SCC approved funds to increase student motivation. Albion’s growth on the winter Math Inventory was among the top in our district. The 7th graders had significant growth and earned a field trip to a movie on March 8. Students in the 6th and 8th grades that showed growth will be rewarded with ice cream treats on March 6.
  3. February incentives will reward students with satisfactory or honors citizenship and fewer than six missing assignments. Weekly one hundred kids’ names will be drawn to receive gift cards, ice cream or a beverage. Teachers will host fun activities on February 26 for all students who qualified during the month.
  4. April incentives will reward students who are on-time to classes 2nd-6th
  5. Teachers are receiving incentive rewards also. Each of Albion’s English and Math teachers have been able to attend an out-of-state conference. Next year the Social Studies and Science teachers will be given a similar opportunity. Our faculty wrote testimonials about the benefits of participating in these conferences.
  6. Albion is forming school goals for the 2024-25 school year. It is challenging because our familiar assessment tools (RI and MI) are no longer being published. The literacy goal will be to increase proficiency from the fall to spring assessment by 6%. The second goal is to increase the Science RISE 1% from the previous year. The third goal is that 83% or more of Albion students will not have F’s or D’s each term in the 2024-25 school year. We also are forming a school climate goal which may be based on the Early Warning System program.
  7. The SCC discussed the desire of several parents to encourage students to do math with paper and pencil part of the time. The math consumable workbooks will phased out over the next couple of years


Counselor Report:

  1. 80% of 8th Grade parents participated in PCCR meetings with counselors.
  2. All 8th graders went on a field trip to see what CTEC programs are offered.
  3. Brighton Bengal Fair open house will be in February.


Closing and Adjournment:

Motion to adjourn at 5:15pm by Anna Evensen, 2nd by Jessica Polman. Passed.   


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