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Albion School Community Council January 27, 2021

Via Zoom: 4:00 PM


  1. Call to Order and Approval of Agenda
    • November minutes approved by majority via email prior to this meeting. Council member Cherie Sadowski excused.
  2. Old Business
    • Meeting calendar: February 17 , March 31, April 28
  3. Financial Report
    • 52% is spent so far for the year, we are on target. No questions from SCC
  4. Mid-year Data Review
    • For Data Measures, we use the MI and the RI; given 3 times a school year (shared graphed data)
    • Gives us better information for accurately measuring growth (than year-end test results) and given in real time for the teachers to calibrate lessons immediately. Any test is a snapshot in time, so it is part of the overall picture of a student’s growth.
    • Fall numbers – Question from Parent:  Is this what we have seen in years past or are these numbers indicative of COVID? No in Reading, but yes in Math.
    • Trends are typical for Albion students with exposure to material and how the growth occurs so radically with math vs. reading. We also use these scores for goal secng with the students.
    • RISE will be given this year. Online students would have to come into the building to test; this will be a choice for online students as with all students as usual; it is obviously noted that this is extra effort for our online community.
  5. New Business
    • Parent-Teacher Conferences Update
      • Held the same way this spring as in the fall; email will go out to all parents on Feb. 16th; they will be done over the phone however an in-person conference can be arranged as well.
      • Might follow an open house concept in the future. We need parents to stay involved in school; all middle school students need the encouragement from both teacher and parent. Good for students to know communication is always there between parent and teacher.
    • Planning for next year’s school plans
      • Dr. Hart is proposing: Keeping the Interventionist full time; Repeating this year’s plan for the next school year. By doing this, gives us another year of collecting data; and allows time for some refinement to how Albion runs the intervention program; also proposes adding back in PD Days for teachers next school year.
      • Dr. Hart will write up the proposed plan for next month’s meeting to go over.
      • SCC member question: What are the procedures in place to get some of the COVID adjustments addressed?
      • We still have requirements from the health department/district (masks, distancing). Lockers – we will start offering them on request basis only.
  6. Teacher of the Year nominations – Dr. Hart will be sending out the form via email to all Albion parents, and information will be also on the website Deadline is February 12.
  7. Cognia Accreditation – Canyons is beginning District Accreditation; there may be emails sent to parents to partake in surveys. Please let Dr. Hart know if there are any questions.
  8. Counseling Report – Reagan Jewell, counselor
    • Parent Notification of Student Threat this year; up by 2 from last school year this same I
    • Project Connection – our social worker is meeting with 17 students
    • Q3 Schedule Change
    • 2020-21 Course Selection is happening in February; this will all be done virtually this year. All information will be via Sky
    • Q3 Self Esteem Groups are starting now too.
    • We will be having more discussions about Second Step, mindfulness, and our socio-emotional supports for next year.
  9. Adjournment – Motion by: Melinda Rosevear, second by: Katie Dahle. Adjourned 5:20 PM.
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