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Albion Middle School Community Council

March 29, 2023 Media Center @ 4:00 PM




  1. Call to Order
    1. Approval of agenda and February meeting minutes


  1. General Business
    1. Final round of “Educator of Excellence” awards will be presented at the Noble Knights Assembly April 12
    2. Discuss open seats for next year
    3. Brighton Trimester Semester
    4. Remaining meeting dates for 2022-2023 Apr. 26 (if needed)


  1. Principal Report
    1. Review current year’s LAND Trust and TSSP plans
      1. School data
    2. Review Positive Behavior Plan
    3. Review proposed LAND trust and TSSP plan for 2023-2024
      1. Vote and signature page
    4. Legislative update
      1. More bills concerning education this year than ever
      2. Proposed removal of earmarks for education from income tax as currently part of the Utah constitution will be on the 2024 ballot. Public schools will need to rally to get opposing votes.
      3. With the passing of the voucher bill, public schools will need to stay competitive and do all they can to keep enrollment up.
      4. Follow up on the cheating issue – some ideas were mentioned at the previous What has been done and are there any changes?


  1. Counselor Report
    1. How did it go with the counseling visits from Brighton and Hillcrest? Do 8th graders feel more ready than last year?
    2. School Climate


  1. Faculty Report
    1. Screen free assignments and class time – any plans?


  1. Closing Comments and Adjournment
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