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Albion School Community Council Minutes

March 29, 2023

Albion Media Center, 4:05pm


Members Present: Dr. M. Hart, Mr. Justin Matagi, Mrs. Robyn Holyoak, Cherie Sadowski, Kevin Taylor, Ashley Anderson, Rachel Bills, Katie Dahle, Emily Decker, Pat Passey, Jessica Pohlman, Melinda Rosevear, Michelle Schmidt, Kim Steenblik, and Kim Wedlik.  Excused: Mr. D. Ross, Sarah Allred




Call to Order: Cherie Sadowski, SCC Chair, at 4:05pm

Motion to approve agenda: Emily D., 2nd Katie D, Passed

Motion to approve minutes of 3-1-23: Katie D, 2nd Michelle S., Passed


General Business:

  1. The final Educator of Excellence award will be presented later in April.
  2. CSD will announce new the principal for Albion and other schools April 12.
  3. Cherie Sadowski, Katie Dahle and Kevin Taylor will not return to Albion SCC next year. Other SCC members need to be aware to return to the SCC in the fall of 2023 by communicating with the new Principal.
  4. The April 26, 2023, meeting of the SCC will be held only if needed.


Principal Report:

1.Albion students are now doing the School Climate and Sharp surveys. Rise testing will begin after spring break (April 10.)

2. The positive behavior plan includes interventions as classroom managed behaviors and office managed behaviors with appropriate consequences.

3. Dr. Hart presented copies of the proposed Land Trust and TSSP Plan for 2023-2024. She noted that the exact amount of funds we will receive is not available yet. Allocations for two Interventionists salaries is included. Some cuts to tutoring and teacher professional development days were necessary. Appropriate typographical corrections will be made to the plan. Albion will continue to administer the Reading Inventory and Math Inventory because their results have a high correlation with Rise scores.

4. The signature pages to approve the Land Trust and TSSP Plans were passed around. It was noted that the names of four of Albion’s current SCC were omitted. Dr. Hart will contact the CSD office to request an additional signature page including: Melinda Rosevear, Emily Decker, Jessica Pohlman, and Michelle Schmidt. (The printer frame cut off these names, the missing page will be available for the missing signatures after spring break.)

5. Cheating concerns will be discussed by the Albion Building Leadership Team. Many students do not perceive they are doing anything wrong by sharing information or using computer assistance.


Legislative Update:  Cherie Sadowski

  1. More bills concerning education this year than ever before.
  2. Proposed removal of earmarks for education funds from income taxes as currently part of the Utah Constitution will be on the 2024 ballot.
  3. With the passing of the Voucher bill, public schools will need to stay competitive and do all they can to keep enrollment up.


Counselor Report: Reagan Jewell

            Visits from Brighton and Hillcrest to our eighth graders went well.


Faculty Report:

No formal plans for screen free days are being made, however the suggestion of including some paper/pencil work is encouraged.


Closing and Adjourment:

            Motion to adjourn 5:20pm by Katie D, 2nd Kim W., Passed

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