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Albion School Community Council March 3, 2021

4:00 via Zoom


  1. Call to Order and Approval of Agenda
    • Call to Order: Melinda Rosevear, Second: Jen Ashworth, unanimous
    • Motion for New Amended Agenda: Melinda Rosevear, Second: Jen Ashworth; unanimous
    • January minutes approved thru Email prior to meeting, unanimous
  2. Old Business
    • Meeting calendar
      • Meetings remaining: March 31, April 28
    • Financial Report–Dr. Hart reporting
      • Still tracking appropriately for the school year, may have carryover for 2021–22 to use for education enhancements, aides and programs
    • Parent Feedback sought for Parent Education –Teacher Dallin Maxfield presenting
      • Parents need/want info on Technology and how certain programs are being used (ie. Canvas and Skyward esp. with COVID)
      • Students often struggle to manage Skyward and Canvas and the purpose of each program
      • Parents may not know how to access and manage these programs as
      • BLT is also addressing the concerns of these 2 programs
      • Introduce the implementation of a training course for both parent and student – parents giving input on what they want to see in a training course
      • Dallin will present a training course to SCC next month for feedback
      • What’s important here is to be transparent with curriculum, grades, expectations for both students and parents
    • Fee Schedule for 2021- 22 – Hart reporting
      • Revised draft of next year’s fee schedule – fee in general are somewhat problematic because we offer a free education. Lots of work being done statewide.
      • The parent email that you will be gettingcomes from the business office of the district concerning fees but please send feedback to Dr.
  3. Counseling Report – Reagan Jewell Reporting
    • Parent Notification of Threat Data – currently we have 36 – we have surpassed last year’s numbers
    • Parent Question: Where is the jump coming from? Answer: COVID and this time of the year, not many school breaks, weather
    • We are connecting students with therapist/counselor/social worker quickly; and getting the students help quicker than in the past
    • 2 groups running currently: 7th grade group of boys for physical activity with emotions; 6th grade girls group continuing, Girls on the Run coming soon
    • New Relationship Building initiative with faculty and students; this program will start in the next few Launch for spring and continue next fall as well
    • Scheduling for 4th quarter: As of now: 30 students coming back
    • Master Scheduling and hiring is starting to get underway as well
  4. New Business
    • Teacher and Student Success Plan 2021-22 (TSSP) – Molly reporting (Final dollars are not available yet; Legislature is still meeting)
    • SCC members will need to come into school for signature
    • Plans are essentially the same from last year to next year
      • Our students will be best served from stability and consistency with our plan from year to year staying similar—a multiyear
      • Our goal: Engaging demanding learning experiences with student ownership and active learning while being intellectually stimulating
      • Problem solving strategies and community building are some skills Albion focuses on
      • Focuses on RI/MI scores and the growth; and how each student maximizes their individual growth throughout the year
      • Teachers need time to collaborate for curriculum and remediation
      • Provide academic interventionists and aides, tutoring, test make ups
    • Technology: Leave funds for any emergencies with technology for teachers and students
    • Motion to approve: Kim Steenblik to approve TSSP, Cherie Sadowski seconds the motion to Unanimous vote. Dr. Hart will send out the plan as an attachment for review.
  5. Final comments, proposed agenda items, and adjournment
    • The board is considering the Friday adjusted schedule for 4th quarter
    • We are starting to have major mask issues
    • Albion will not go back to 2 lunches this school year or next Three lunches provides faster service, better environment in the cafeteria. Most middle schools have three lunches.
    • Lockers will be used next
  6. Motion to adjourn: Peter Black; Second: Katie Unanimous vote.
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