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Albion School Community Council

November 18, 2020

Via Zoom; 4 pm


  • Call to Order and Approval of Agenda
    • Meeting starts at 4:04 pm
    • Sarah approved minutes, Kim 2nd and all in favor
    • October minutes approved by majority via email prior to this meeting.
  • School Council Membership    

Sarah Allred

Vice chair


Ashley Anderson



Jen Ashworth



Peter Black



Katie Dahle



Molly Hart



Robyn Holyoak



Rene Hunter



Grant Langston



Andrew Luker



Cristina Miller



Misti Milner



Stephanie Nasser



Angie Oviatt



Melinda Rosevear



Cherie Sadowski



Michelle Schmidt



Kim Steenblik



Kaati Tarr



Kevin Taylor



  • Principal Report
    • TSSP update – no update; have some aid vacancies currently
    • COVID-19 plans  – sent out a vigilance letter Tuesday; currently 8 cases at Albion; there are other cases with online students but they are not in school; we have 25% of our students out on quarantine. 15 cases is the number for our school to go online. Molly will meet with a district officials if if/when it comes close.
  • Parent Questions and Concerns:
    • Is there going to be a shutdown to get COVID under control in our community?
    • Will the Fridays stay with school closed in 2021? Albion administration and teachers want to keep Fridays and will be data driven to help prove the value of Fridays.
    • Is it a concern for student engagement if we go to a closure? Yes and no. Always a concern, but we are in a much better place in terms of online instruction, and have plenty of supports in place.
    • Math tutoring is staying open for as long as possible
  • Wellness Leader – Brooke Harris – virtual challenges for adults to join our students on their wellness journey. Other staff activities throughout the year, like the Turkey Trot.
  • Land trust summary: Math and Reading scores in Winter 2020 were up from Fall of 2019;  but we don’t have a full year because of the closure – a brief summary will go on the school website
  • Safe Walking Routes – no change in the last 3 years; same three concerns are still noted; parking lot so far this year has been easy for getting cars in and out
  • Molly needs people to come in and sign the plan: Cherie, Sarah, Misty will come in and sign
  • Digital Citizenship and Safety Plans – Melinda worked with the legislation for the state; how does it practically play out in the school?
    • Albion has a digital coordinator; ours is the media specialist, Bridget Rees. She sends out quick tips and lessons each month.
    • In 8th grade, we have the digital literacy course; We keep working to keep this course updated and more relevant to present day digital citizenship issues.
    • Digital literacy added to our PBIS plan to include behaviors for online students and online courses.
    • 6th grade PBIS lesssons include digital citizenship because of the Chromebook checkout being new to students; it happens in all classes for the PBIS week
    • 8th grade uses digital citizenship to evaluate sources and teaching students safe research practices
    • Parent Question: Cyber bullying being taught where in the school? How many students opt out of digital literacy? This year 20 – 21 we are seeing very few opting out of digital literacy (less than 5). Follow the requirements and use the providers recommended by USBE for digital citizenship.
    • Digital citizenship has to be integrated into the core courses.
    • If we see specific or widespread issues with digital safety; we take more time to teach skills for proper digital usage.
    • Next year, we will be utilizing Second Step curriculum for emotional well-being; digital citizenship lends itself to be part of the material taught.
    • Social and emotional supports are concern; counselors are overwhelmed but managing
    • The number 1 concern: online safety/digital citizenship this school year with online instruction and Chromebook distribution to all students.
    • SCC feels our safety/digital plan is comprehensive and well thought out, action plan is an ongoing check in issue and will evolve with time
    • Having trained media specialists/digital teachers at all school levels is vital, cannot wait until middle school to teach these skills.
  • Meeting Calendar

Jan 27
Feb 17
March 31
April 28

  • Member Items and Comments
    • Concerned about our counselors and counseling ratio; and thinks Albion needs another counselor to make sure our students needs are being met.
    • Response: Counselors are very behind with certain programs; counselors are also looking to get support beyond our administration and advocating with district for additional supports.
  • Counseling Site review is in January; it is at the same time as when scheduling happens for second semester; site review every 3 years and 8 standards need to be met; counselors have to spend a considerable amount of time to collect data where that time could be spent on student needs
  • How can the parents better support the teachers?
    • Response: Communicate with them. Take your children for Covid testing at sign of symptoms. Keep up with their Skyward. Grace and patience all around. We will get through this together.
  • Adjournment
    • Motion to adjourn: Melinda, Jen second that motion: Meeting adjourned at 5:20pm
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