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Albion Middle School Community Council

October 27, 2021

Media Center @ 4:00 PM MINUTES


  1. Call to Order, Approval of Agenda, Approval of September 2021 minutes
    • Approved Agenda: Motion – Misti Milner, Second – Michelle Schmidt Unanimously passed
    • Approved Minutes: Motion – Katie Dahle, Second – Misti Milner Unanimously passed
    • SCC members absent – Hart, Stephanie Nasser


  1. SCC Business
    • Approval Bylaws: Motion – Katie Dahle, Second – Michelle Schmidt Unanimously passed
    • Approval of Rules of Order: Motion – Misti Milner, Second – Michelle Schmidt

If you miss three meetings without communication, you are off the council Unanimously passed

  • Meeting calendar for the year

December 1, January 26, February 23, March 30, April 27


  1. Principal Report – Given by Amanda Parker, Assistant Principal
  • TSSP and Land Trust review last year’s plan, goals and expenditures
  • Data review

Data of new 6th grade coming, 7th grade, and 8th grade

Reading scores are stable and some increasing, Math is decreasing (cause probably COVID and at home Math instruction)

  • Math tutoring Wednesday’s after Castle tutoring on Monday’s in Nelson’s room

SCC asked for data on how many kids are actually attending tutoring

  • SCC asked to have Albion’s online Calendar updated with Musical dates
  • Review current year’s plans: LAND Trust, TSSP
  • Review Safe Walking Routes, School Safety, Positive Behavior Plan and Digital Citizenship
  1. Safe Walking – biggest problem is the
  2. School safety – SCC needs to complete a School Safety Plan
  3. #1 issue – social emotional
    1. Continue mindfulness using support teams to find students that are
    2. SCC thinks Albion has done a great job supporting Loves that Albion has the same grading and late work policy which supports students.


  1. Have more high school preparation in 8th grade to help ease transition to high
    1. Mention to high schools, when they visit Albion in February, have a list of clubs and tryouts for 8th (Most tryouts are in the spring and new 9th graders are missing out.)
  2. #2 issue – Digital citizenship
    1. Discussed computer filtering at school and lack thereof at home
      1. Digital Safety at home for parents (how to install and use filters), what is on a student chromebook?
    2. Discussed having a parent protocol for emergencies (How/where to pick up their kids) Example: power outage the previous year – communication and pick up were not


  1. Counselor’s Report
    • Student threat report: 6th= 2, 7th= 10, 8th= 8 (last year: 6th= 0, 7th = 5, 8th= 5)
    • 2nd quarter groups
    • 6th grade transition group; 7th and 8th grade girls group – positive mindset, developing a growth mindset
    • Will there be a peer leadership group this year?



  1. Faculty Report



  1. New Business



  1. Closing comments and Adjournment
    • Motion to Adjourn: Katie Dahle, Second – Michelle Scmidt All in favor
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