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Albion School Community Council

September 30, 2020

Albion Choir Room, 4 pm


 Members absent: Ashworth

 1. Call to Order and Approval of Agenda – Call to order 4:05 pm.

2. Introduction of School Council Membership

3. Election of Officers

  • Chair Nomination: Cherie Sadowski – Cherie accepted the nomination
    • Voting: Unanimous
  • Vice-Chair Nomination  – Sarah Allred – Sarah accepted the nomination
    • Voting: Unanimous

4. Bylaws, Rules of Order and Procedure Review

5. Proposed Meeting Calendar

October 28
November 18
January 27
February 17
March 31
April 28

6. Principal’s Report

7. Outline of Albion’s yearly SCC schedule for review (attached for review)

  • Counselor Report
    • Mindfulness is essential and running well.
    • Parent notification of threat reports: 8 total in September 2020 – the indication from this – tough start to the year as compared with last year at this time; September 2019; 1 report
    • Gained a social worker, lost ½ time psychologist, gained ½ time counselor intern for this school year – she is running groups for the transition to the start of the school year; there will be data collected
    • Counselors in the classroom for introductions, stress management, servicing online students as well; counselors created a Canvas page with information; sit in on suicide prevention lessons this week for 7th graders;
    • Albion Ambassadors is the only student leadership group this school year run by the counseling dept. (currently 25 students);
    • Partnership continuing with Project Connection for mental health counseling for our students.
    • Scheduling: Having to redo each quarter by counselors; survey going out so parents can choose online, in person, parent-driven – only fill out the survey if they are changing educational direction for the quarter.

8. Cell Tower funds: Suggestion: to use the money for another aide for class and lunch coverage (lack of substitutes); and possible scheduling adjustments for changing online and in-person classes; may also need to buy out teacher preps to accommodate this adjustment.

  • SCC unanimously approved cell tower funds being spent on personnel to cover COVID-related personnel costs.

9. New Business

  • Training: Dates on the district’s website and in email
  • Plans and Budgeting:

10. Presented the Albion TSSP Plan for this school year

  • Goals for Albion: High academic standards, keeping students grounded and adding stability each day at school; keep procedures uniform; recognize success regularly. Specifically, raising MI and RI scores in a positive, age-appropriate culture; New plan will be due by April 2021
  • Data: Progress Monitoring; RI and MI give a direction for both students, teachers, and parents. RI: Upper trajectory over the last four years overall
    • MI: Data shows lack of math daily practice since less spring; we will catch math up over the year
    • Teachers use the graphs as a tool daily in teaching, scaffolding, and providing resources.
  • Adjustments to the TSSP/LandTrust spending plan adjustments due to COVID-related changes.
    • USTAR for after school tutoring is gone; need to move money over to tutoring to be available
    • Counselor Intern: need to be a paid position
      1. Suggestion: Take the 10-hour counselor money previously allocated for after school tutoring and counseling intern
      2. Motion on 10 Hour Counselor $ being adjusted: Allred made the motion, 2nd by Sadowski; Voting: unanimous decision
    • Hart will draft an Amendment and then send it to SCC members for approval before submitting it to the Canyons School Board.

11. Member Items and Comments

  • Send an email out of RI/MI Data to parents
  • Questions about Online/In-person Instruction: Albion: In-person 90%, approximately 90 students online currently, in-person daily attendance is high.
  • Parents want to know how to support teachers better: positive emails, Friday plan for teachers will be useful.

12. Adjournment: 5:31 PM

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