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Albion School Community Council

September 17, 2019


  1. Call to Order and Approval of Agenda
    • 4:02 pm: Julie motioned to call meeting to order; Member Steenblik seconded motion.
    • Members Allred and Vea excused.
  2. Introduction of School Council
  3. Hart requested a motion to add “test score data” to agenda –Motioned to add item by Member Clawson; Seconded by Member Steenblik; all in favor.
  4. Council Membership contact info:




Allred, Sarah



Anderson, Ashley



Clawson, Julie



Gleason, Mila



Hart, Molly



Hunter, Rene



Langston, Grant



Miller, Cristina



Milner, Misti



Nasser, Stephanie



Sadowski, Cherie



Simao, Mary



Simmons, Cheryl



Steenblik, Kim



Vea, LeRoy



5. Election of Officers

    • Nomination for Julie Clawson as SCC Chair by member Steenblik; seconded by Member Hunter; all in favor.
    • Nomination for Ashley Anderson as SCC Vice Chair by member Hunter; seconded by Member Simmons; all in favor.
    • Secretary will continue to be Member Simao.

6. Bylaws and Rules of Order and Procedure Review

    • Members need to read Bylaws and bring questions or concerns to next meeting.
    • Member Sadowski & Clawson will write proposed Rules of Order and Procedure following the state-provided template and will lead discussion at the October meeting.

7. Proposed Meeting Calendar

    • October 30
    • November 13
    • January 29
    • February 19
    • March 25
    • April 29
    • Motion to change Oct. 30 to Oct. 23 and Nov. 13 to Dec. 4 by Member Clawson; seconded by Member Hunter. All other days agreed on. Meetings are 4 pm in the Main Office Conference Room.

8. New Business

    • Training – Everyone already received the information for these via email and was given a copy; please read for additional information and plan to attend session(s) that are most convenient.
    • Plans and Budgeting – (all attached)
      • CSIP (internal to the district) with no funding.
      • Land Trust Plan: Required by law; includes after school counseling, students to stay after school for re-testing, auxiliary programs (lunch help, interventionists, Lego League, Math Counts, Aides), and teacher planning. Left over money to be used for technology repair. Plan is attached
      • TSSA: New this year. Some funds were used by the district to fund teacher salary increases. These funds are also used for full time interventionists (HOWL & AIM programs, Newsela, Impact team training. Was slated for Inner Explorer program but state grant covered the cost).

9. School Data

    • Reading Inventory: Lexile Band Growth is used for expected growth over the year for all plans
    • Reading Inventory and Math Inventory Fall results data explained by Dr. Hart and Member Simao
    • SAGE/RISE data review of district level results (released September 17). Specific Albion data to come.

10. Member Items and Comments

    • Projection Connection – Therapist will be housed at Albion to meet with however many families of students request services. Parent makes request, school makes referral, and Project Connection handles all paperwork/billing. Accepts insurance and private pay. Fees are minimal.
    • Items to add to next month’s agenda
      • Member Miller requested conversation regarding planners at next meeting.
    • Questions/Concerns –
      • How are the counselors handling the load of students this year—last year’s ratios changed? Ratios are unchanged; new counselor and new psychologist are settling in nicely.
      • Inner Explorer is now being funded by a state grant through the Responsive Services Department.
      • Planners are going well; teachers like them. Printed one semester at a time to see how they go, and to allow for changes for second semester.
      • 8th grade teams – students on team with portables are allowed backpacks; students on team without portables are not using backpacks. Has cut down significantly on food and trash issues in class, cell phone issues, and increased time on task.
      • Member Miller brought up community concerns of students vaping before school. Members want to know why there aren’t cameras. We are monitoring as much as possible.
      • Parents pleased with enforcement of dress code per existing policy, and look forward to hearing about new cell phone policy.

11. Adjournment

    • 5:30 pm: Member Simmons motioned to adjourn; seconded by Member Clawson; all in favor.
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