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Albion 20-21 SCC Year-at-a-Glance



Complete Elections

Organize SCC

o   Elect Chair/Vice Chair

o   Review/update Bylaws and Rules of Order and Procedure

o   Set Meeting dates for year

o   Attend SCC and LandTrust Training

Review TSSP (including LandTrust plan)

Review assessment data (State Report Card, MI/RI)


Membership Rosters entered online

Posting of meeting dates/meeting agendas/notes on school website, report of last year’s plan, and current year’s plan.

Review Cell Tower Funds

Review of Digital Citizenship

Review LandTrust Budget

Review data—SRI/SMI

Send Skylert with TSSP report information and meeting schedules, current goals and data



Review any requested data

Digital Citizenship Plan and Safety Plan due


Review of midyear SRI and SMI data

Begin discussions about goals for next year TSSP

Discuss Child Access Routing Plan (SNAP)


Continue discussion about goals and actions for TSSP

Review of current plan and mid-year costs

Discussion professional development needs and plan to support school goals


TSSP for next year finalized

o   Complete signature sheet

o   School Board Reviews plan and gets any changes back to SCC


Cell Tower Budget Report

School Safety Report

Review of election plan for the coming year

Address any changes or questions from School Board for TSSP

o   Submit finalized plan to State

Send update to stakeholders regarding plans (TSSP, Digital Citizenship, Safety)

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