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Final Report

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Final Report of Land Trust funds for 2017-18

A requirement of the School Land Trust Program is that a final report is published to the school community. This is the report for the 2017-18 school year for Albion Middle School. We received $88,014 for 2017-18. The School Community Council created a plan and budget for those funds the previous year, then monitored the expenditures and progress throughout the implementation year. What follows is a narrative report of the Land Trust expenditures; details including specific goals, budgets and expenditures are available by contacting the Albion main office, or visiting

The main focus in the Albion School Land Trust plan was to support students academically through aide support who assisted students in the classroom, or in small groups as needed. Larger classes or classes where a larger percentage of the students were demonstrating the need for assistance were given priority status for aide support. These aides help identify students who are at risk for academic failure, provide assistance with learning tasks, track progress, monitor assignments, and implement other interventions as prescribed by the Albion Student Support Team.


Before and after school tutoring was funded through the Land Trust program. Certified teachers worked with students for one hour from September through May in a drop-in style program. Materials and Chromebooks were provided for tutoring programs as well as the aides previously mentioned.

In order to support high quality classroom instruction, teachers were provided with an additional day of preparation prior to the start of the school year. Traditionally, only one or two partial days are available to teachers to prepare to begin the year. This is not enough to plan lessons, develop procedures, organize classrooms and all the other preparation a teacher needs to do prior to the students’ arrival. An additional day allowed teachers to hit the ground running the minute students arrived, and provided a much better start to the year. We were also able to set goals and provide some training on updated intervention and instructional techniques in the classroom.

The best method to improve a teacher’s practice is to observe other teachers, discuss strategies with them, and then plan implementation in their own classroom with their teaching partners. To support this, the Land Trust plan paid for substitutes for teachers to engage in teacher peer observation and partner planning for one day. Teachers report this time to be extremely valuable in their professional development and growth as teaching professionals.

Lastly, to provide students with an interest in Science and Math beyond the classroom, stipends are provided for two teachers to sponsor Lego League and Math Teams. These are very effective programs that extend the science and math curriculum beyond the classroom. We are very proud of our students who choose to participate in these competitions, as they learn valuable teamwork skills, real-world applications, and higher-level content while having a whole bunch of fun.

We are enormously grateful for the opportunities that the Land Trust funds provide. Further details are available on the website, or by contacting the Albion main office.  

September 22, 2011 Minutes

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School Community Council Meeting

September 22, 2011       

Attending: Roberto Jimenez, Jodi Roberts, Michelle Flynn, Nancy Tingey, Sarah Weaver, Connie Simons, Courtney Roberts, Marianne Bates. Excused: Joanne Ackerman.

  1. Minutes of the May 5, 2011, meeting were read and approved.
  2. Members of the School Community Council introduced themselves.
  3. Members watched the DVDs “Earning for Education” and “Touch the Future.”
  4. Jodi Roberts and Michelle Flynn were elected co-chairs of the SCC. Members of the council will take turns taking the meeting minutes.   Sarah Weaver recorded the minutes for today’s meeting.
  5. Members gave information including email and phone numbers.   E-mail or phone number of each member needs to be posted on the school website.
  • Explain the new Common Core
  • Tell how classes are realigned using the CC
  • Discuss tutoring
    • How many unique students using tutoring?
    • How many repeat students?
    • For students repeating continually, why?
    • Is there a way to target students that really need help, but may not take advantage of tutoring
  • Are the programs that are in place helping? What could be different?
  • Math Aide
  • Class that is being held 2 periods—effective? How does it work? Who teaches it? How were the students selected?
  1. Concerns:
  • Weight of backpacks for students traveling many times between Albion and Butler
  • What will happen when it snows and students have to wear coats?
  • Brookwood is having problems with the parents of Albion students being dropped off there. J. Roberts suggested that a police presence might be helpful. It was also suggested that an email or letter could be sent home to parents reminding them of the following:
    • Parents should avoid cell phone use while driving
    • Obey speed limit, no speeding
    • Students should use crosswalks
    • Parents should follow the elementary school’s traffic patterns and rules for school safety
  1. Other comments:
  • CH Rec Center has complimented Albion students on their good behavior
  1. Next meeting is scheduled for October 27, 2011.

October 27, 2011 Minutes

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Albion School Community Council Meeting Summary

October 27, 2011, 4 – 6 pm

Members Present: Jodi Roberts, Michelle Flynn, Nancy Tingey, Paula Paulson, Sarah Weaver, Joanne Ackerman, Connietrue Simons, Courtney Roberts, Marianne Bates

Guests Present: Nicole Svee Magann, Neiko Gilgen

1.       Approval of Minutes:  Reviewed minutes of September 22, 2011.  Motion to approve by N. Tingey second by J. Ackerman.  Minutes approved.

2.       Principal Update: Principal Ackerman followed up on some questions from the September meeting.

a.       Money from Land Trust must be used for top needs identified.  We can use BLT to identify school needs, as well as a constituent survey.

b.      Concern about large reading classes.  This has been addressed by using a 7th period for two small 7th grade remediation classes funded by Land Trust.  Also using an aide to assist in entering class scores.

c.       There was a question asking if class sizes bigger next year when we move back to the renovated Albion.  J. Ackerman indicated that we are down about 120 students compared to last year and we would like to increase back to that number.  The number of teachers will adjust based on the number of students enrolled.

d.       Regarding the issue of students carrying around heavy backpacks between Albion and Butler – the teachers are minimizing the number of books that students need to keep. 

e.      Good news –Buses that drop off at Butler, are now coming down to Albion afterward so students who have 1st period at Albion don’t need to walk in bad weather at the beginning of the school day. 

f.        ACTION ITEM: J. Ackerman will follow up with transportation regarding a better drop off path for parents at the bus pick at old Albion.

3.       Math Score Concerns – Neiko Gilgen, Math Department Chair responded to SCC questions.

a.       Regarding drop in Albion CRT scores in math – from 87 percent in 2010 to 79 percent in 2011.  CRT test based on old core, and Albion math department is teaching the new core for math.  We expect that the CRTs will be revamped to match the new core, but will take some years.

b.      Extra help in math is provided in a number of ways.  Before school math tutoring is being paid by Land Trust funds. We have a Math aide paid by CSIP.  Also focusing on Professional Development.

c.       M. Bates reported that in first quarter, morning tutoring provided 96 sessions for 29 students.  Students ranged from honors students to those in intervention as well as ESL students. 

d.      ACTION ITEM: N. Gilgen will look into an option of providing extra credit for students who attend a number of tutoring sessions.  This could help increase the number of students taking advantage of this program. 

e.      Two period math for special ed, and less proficient students in 9th grade is seeing success.  This quarter, lowest grade was a C.  Same tests and assignments as regular classes.

f.        ACTION ITEM:  N. Gilgen will research some kind of parent friendly information on the common core.  Differences from old to new and how that will affect each grade.  Side by side comparison.  Include benefits and reasons for the change.  We will post on Albion website.

4.       Albion Building Leadership Team (BLT) – Nicole Svee Magann, Assistant Principal.  The BLT consists of all Albion Department Chairs.  This is implemented by the District, but guided at the school level.  The goal is to improve the learning experience.  Using data.  Helping teachers become better teachers.

                                                a.  BLT has recommended CSIP goals to SCC. The BLT is looking at scores and data.  Develop goals and identify priorities.  CSIP and   land trust goals in sync and drive use of funds.  (See attached list of goals)

b.      BLT working on growing the engaged classroom; students reading, writing, speaking every five minutes.  BLT training for all teachers on engagement.  Set engagement goal for each teacher.  Year long professional development – each Friday one teacher share an engagement strategy.  Teachers are learning from each other and have ownership of the process.

5.       ACTION ITEM:  Share with parents that the last ten minutes of 7th period on Fridays are available for students to go to see other teachers.

6.       ACTION ITEM: SCC members to review Goals and strategies from BLT and bring back comments for November meeting.

7.       Brighton SCC Community forum.  December 1 at 6 pm at Brighton.  Inviting all feeder schools to meet with our three School Board members and Superintendent Doty.  Topics – common core, grade reconfiguration, bond projects.

8.        J. Ackerman motioned that we table agenda number five (SCC Bylaws) to our next meeting.  SCC approved.

9.       Adolescent Issue Night Nov. 3, 2011, 6:30 pm at Union Middle School.   J. Ackerman distributed a flyer and invited SCC members to attend this event geared toward parents of middle school students.  Topic is Learning About Adolescents with keynote speaker Richard Eyre. 

10.   Next Albion SCC meeting November 17, 2011 at 4:00 pm.

November 17, 2011 Minutes

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Albion School Community Council

Minutes for Nov. 17, 2011

4 p.m. Conference Room


Members present: Joanne Ackerman, Michelle Flynn, Nancy Tingey, Sarah Weaver, Connie Simons, Courtney Roberts, Marianne Bates


  1. 1.Minutes from the Oct. 27 meeting were read and approved.
  2. 2.Members talked about busing to Albion, including student safety at pickup/drop off locations.
  3. 3.Members talked about math test scores and discussed the math common core. Math teachers are willing to give extra credit for students who attend math tutoring.
  4. 4.Joanne Ackerman gave an update on the remodel of Albion Middle School. She said the majority of the classrooms have been framed and the insulation is being installed. "They are going to be ready for inspection starting in May. The last week of May we can start moving furniture into certain areas." The work is on schedule.
  5. 5.The Adolescent Issues Night, on Thursday Nov. 3, at Union Middle School, was well attended. Next meeting will be held in March at Eastmont.
  6. 6.Members of the Council were asked for input on the CSIP.
  7. 7.
  8. 8.Discussion on terms of service on SCC. Members can serve three 2-year terms.
  9. 9.Members reviewed budget. C. Simons voiced concerns that it is hard to teach to English core curriculum without multiple classroom sets of some books. The council expressed support to purchase sets of specific books for classrooms. (This can be accomplished with $14,000 carryover from last year -- $10,000 of which will be saved for next year -- and $4,000 to go to the classroom books.)

10.C. Simons made a motion to purchase novel sets to support the new English Core Curriculum. Council anonymously approved the motion.

Next meeting will be held Jan. 26, 2012