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State Debate Winners

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Albion’s debate team finished out a strong year with a strong ending. The state debate tournament was held April 28th at Alta High School.

Jack Grimm won FIRST PLACE in Oratory Speaking.

Jacob Simmons won FIRST PLACE in Lincoln-Douglas Debate.

Grace Sheffield won second place in Lincoln-Douglas Debate.

Makayla Dotson won a second place speaker award AND a 7th place debate award in Lincoln-Douglas Debate.

Congratulations to the winners and a VERY good job well done to this year’s debaters!


Albion Debate Wins Team Trophy at Championship Tournament

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Debate ChampionshipTourney 3 31 16 

Albion’s Debate Team did phenomenally well at the Championship Debate Tournament on 3/31 at Mount Jordan Middle. Here are the results:

First, because Albion had the most wins overall, we won the team trophy!

Makayla Dotson won the Coach’s Award for being the most dedicated to debate and went on to be selected as the district-wide Coach’s Award recipient.

Noah Walker won the MVP Award for having the most successes over his 2 years in debate.

Policy Debate

  • 4th Place Team- Iris Tang and Brooklyn Stromberg
  • 10th Place Team- Christian Fawson and Zach Adams
  • 11th Place Team- Tabby Barnhart and Leah Pittman
  • 12th Place Team- Noah Walker and Alex Duncan
  • *All these students qualified for the State tournament in addition to the following teams who also qualified:
    • Alex Smith and Shah Khan
    • Alec Arrambide and Anthony Elbel

 Policy Speaker Awards

  • 4th Place- Christian Fawson
  • 7th Place- Leah Pittman

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

  • 1st Place- Jacob Simmons
  • 3rd Place- Makayla Dotson
  • 8th Place- Grace Sheffield
  • *These students qualified for the State tournament

Lincoln-Douglas Speaker Award

  • 5th Place- Grace Sheffield


  • 1st Place- Aiden Christesen
  • 3rd Place- Jack Grimm
  • *These students qualified for the State tournament

Extemporaneous Speaking

  • 3rd Place- Anthony Tai
  • 4th Place- Tate Silcox
  • *These students qualified for the State tournament


  • 2nd Place- Jack Grimm
  • 6th Place- Dustin Anderson