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First Debate Tournament Success

Albion debaters competed in their first tournament of the year on October 24. These students were given an award because they beat out 90% of their competitors. Congratulations Albion debaters!

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

  • FIRST PLACE Speaker- Everett Bollinger
  • 4th Place- Elyse Walker
  • 4th Place Speaker- Christian Hatch
  • 5th Place- Will Clayton
  • 7th Place- Teagan Kay

Extemporaneous Speaking

  • FIRST PLACE- Jordan Dowdle
  • 4th Place- Miranda Riquelme

Policy Debate

  • 4th Place Speaker- Mia Potter
  • 5th Place Team- Carson Janke & John Rosevear
  • 7th Place Team- Gabriel Rodriguez & Kosti Tsandes
  • 11th Place Speaker- Raphael Ferreira
  • 12th Place Team- Jack Peterson and Eddie Gardner

Oratory Speaking

  • 7th Place- Eliza Zimmerman

CSD Digital Citizenship Week

It’s the parenting dilemma of the digital age: How do we encourage our children to take advantage of all that technology affords while protecting them from the documented dangers of too much screen time? How do we model a healthy use of technology when we, too, fight the allure of smart phones and social media?


At Canyons District, the safe and responsible use of technology — or, good digital citizenship — is promoted every day in our classrooms, and it’s not just about teaching students to safely navigate the Internet. We empower students to put their smartphones, tablets and computers to best use to explore the world, gain knowledge and connect — and we invite parents to participate.


October has been designated Think Safe Month in Canyons District, which kicks off with Digital Citizenship Week, Oct. 14-16. CSD’s Internet safety effort started with School Community Councils, which have been given statutory responsibilities regarding digital citizenship in their respective schools — responsibilities that are now growing to encompass other safety measures.


A Guide to Online Safety A Guide to Online Safety provides tips, statistics, and talking points to help you get started in your family discussions. 

Emalee Brown–Albion Middle School Teacher of the Year 2019-20

On any given day of the week, Emalee Brown makes Albion Middle better. In her Family and Consumer Science classroom, she may be leading her students as they plan a menu and market their own food trucks. Down the hallway, she may be pulling costumes for the school’s musical, or attending one of the school’s many after-school rehearsals. She might give some guidance to the Student Body Officers, as their sponsor, and make sure they are on top of the school’s cereal drive for low-income elementary students over winter break. At the end of it all, Brown is supportive to both her students and her peers, and for these reasons, Albion Middle has chosen Emalee Brown as the 2019 Teacher of the Year.

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