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Science Rocks!

8th grade science has moved into our ecology unit!  We get to learn about food webs, impacts on species, and ecosystem relationships!  Yesterday we had some fun Birds of Prey join us as some falconers taught about their habitat, their diet, and their place in a food web.  It was so neat to see the birds and learn more about them! Science RULES!

Science in the Classroom

Thanksgiving Point’s Curiosity in the Classroom made a visit to Albion Middle School! Albion 8th Grade Scientists applied knowledge of mechanical waves and practiced their engineering skills. The scientists budgeted, “purchased” building supplies, and created structures that could withstand the seismic waves. Then, they were able to test their structures on an earthquake table that could simulate all four seismic waves. Whether the buildings were successful at standing or not, Albion 8th grade scientists were able to have a fun trial and error experience! YAY for learning! Thank you, Thanksgiving Point, for this fun experience!

First Place Chess Champions!

Saturday was the district wide chess tournament.  *Drum Roll Please* Albion took home the first place trophy! Congratulations Chess Team!

  • In first chair, Finley Chen took first place!
  • In second chair, Fiona Chen took 2nd place!
  • In third chair, Luke Hodson
  • In fourth chair, Ethan Merkley took first place!
  • In fifth chair, Blake Lewis took first place!
  • In sixth chair, Nash Wong took first place!

Two Alternates: Sam Wood and Andrew High were there supporting their team, ready to jump in if needed.

Way to go Chess Team!  We are all so proud of you!

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