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CSD Accepting Nominations for 2021 Apex Awards, the District’s Highest Honors

Through the long shadow of the pandemic also came shining slivers of light and grace.

The people who have inspired those sparkling moments — teachers, administrators, Education Support Professionals, counselors, volunteers, business partners, and more — did so even against the great operational, wellness, and morale challenges of the COVID-19 school year.  

Key contributions to CSD’s excellence, innovation, and achievement, especially as the Canyons community collectively navigated the era of the novel coronavirus, will be lauded with  2021 Apex Awards, the highest honors given by the Canyons Board of Education and Administration.

Canyons is now accepting nominations for the annual awards, which reward above-and-beyond efforts of employees and community supporters. Apex Awards have been presented in CSD each fall since 2010. 

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Albion End-of-the-Year Awards Recipients

6th grade teachers performing Bohemian Rhapsody.

On May 25th we celebrated Albion students who have achieved excellence this year by awarding our grade-level “Knights of the Round Table” and “Sword in the Stone” recipients. 

The Knights of the Round Table award goes to those students who demonstrate academic excellence in all of their classes. They take responsibility for their learning, are hard workers, and are motivated to always do their best. In class, they ask insightful questions and are engaged in their teachers lessons. They have outstanding citizenship, treat others with respect, and always have a positive attitude.

The Sword in the Stone award goes to students who have worked extremely hard to improve their grades and/or citizenship. They have had great perseverance and have put in the extra effort, which has helped them succeed. They have the ability to set academic goals, plans, and self-regulate their learning. In doing all of these things, they have had a positive attitude and when needed, have reached out to their teachers for help to ensure their success.

View a video highlighting each grade’s recipients: 
6th grade
7th grade
8th grade

Additionally, our extremely funny, good-humored, and talented faculty and staff treated us to a variety/talent show which you can enjoy here

2021 State Debate Tournament

Albion’s debate team competed in the state debate tournament the evening of May 13th.

The results in Policy Debate are especially exciting as Policy is the toughest, most prestigious event of all the events!

Policy Debate

    • Eddie Gardner and Jack Petersen
    • Sean Gillan and Nash Wong
  • 4th Place Team – Mia Potter and Sydnie Barrett

Lincoln Douglas Debate

  • 5th Place – Will Clayton
  • Winning Record (won all of her rounds) – Cadence Lund

Big congratulations debaters! Way to make Albion proud! 

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