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Albion Teacher of the Year: Math Teacher, Ms. Mary Simao!

We would like to take this opportunity to announce our 2020 Teacher of the Year, Mary Simao!

Ms. Simao was also recently named as a finalist in the Canyons District’s 2020 Middle School Teacher of the Year. 

Congratulations, Ms. Simao, we are so proud of you!

Enrolling your Child for School During the COVID-19 School Dismissal

Are you looking to enroll a child in one of our schools — now, or for the coming year

Canyons School District has launched an online enrollment portal to assist families in registering new students during the COVID-19 pandemic so they can take advantage of the at-home instruction being provided throughout the “soft closure” of our schools. Traditionally, students who are new to Canyons have had to register in person so they can provide verifiable copies of their birth certificate along with other required documentation.

Now, to streamline the process, the District has created a way for families to scan and preliminarily submit those documents online. The online tool is available to all those enrolling in Canyons for the first time, whether they’ve recently relocated here and need to enroll in classes immediately, or they’re a toddler preparing for “big kid school” in the fall.

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