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Championship Debate

Albion’s debaters took home the following awards from the Championship debate tournament on April 29th at Indian Hills Middle School.

Extemporaneous Speaking

  • FIRST Place – Annie Allred
  • 2nd Place – Sophie Nielsen

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

  • 2nd Place – William Clayton
  • 3rd Place – Stone Elggren
  • 7th Place Speaker- Cadence Lund

Policy Debate

  • 3rd place – Sydnie Barrett and Eddie Gardner


(Albion’s overall most successful debater)

  • Amelia Potter

Coach’s Award

(Albion’s debater with the most heart and soul)

  • Christian Hatch
    • Christian also won the overall district Coach’s Award!

It’s school library month! Check out these late-fee-free facts about Canyons District libraries.

Do you know how many libraries are located within the Canyons School District? Do you know how many items — books, textbooks, resources, equipment and other materials — are in those libraries? And how about this one: Without the help of your favorite search engine, name the author who said, “I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”

Would it help if we gave a hint that the author was from Argentina?

If you answered one or more of those questions in the affirmative, congrats! You’re either a certified librarian or a certifiable bookworm. You’re probably even aware that April is School Library Month.

If you scratched your head and couldn’t answer the questions, don’t worry. Most of the rest of us couldn’t, either. But you’re in a good place — even better if you’re reading this from a library — to find answers to those questions and a several other interesting tidbits about libraries.

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District Book Blitz Champions

Congratulations to Albion’s “Team Schmeck” (Kayla Lake, Anna Minder, Madelyn Boyack, Elsie Thomas, and Sophie Zarada) for winning the 2021 Canyons School District Book Blitz Tournament!

Team Schmeck won first place against 22 other Albion teams in our school-wide tournament, and then went on to compete against five other teams in the district to win first place overall!

The Book Blitz competition (formerly known as Battle of the Books) is a quiz competition in which students answer questions about 20 different books team members have read over the course of this school year. Congrats to these amazing readers! 

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